Citroen C7, a futuristic 4-seat luxury sedan

citroen c7 concept 1
Giving the glimpse of futuristic Citroen, a student designer (Seojun) at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea is out there with a concept car called “Citroen C7” that comes without the new distinctive elongated chrome badge, a trademark of the Citroen lineup, from the front grill. Slated to launch in 2010, the Citroen C7 is essentially a 4-door, 4-seat sedan with coupe-like proportions, which flaunts a graceful and flowing exterior with a narrowing rear section. Allowing a better field of vision to the front seat passenger while giving privacy to the rear seat passengers, the mounting line of the side windows gives a melodious look to the car. The futuristic car also boasts swiveling front passenger seat that rotates to a 180-degree angle to interact with the commuters sitting in the rear seat. The Citroen C7 is spacious enough to accommodate four adults comfortably.

citroen c7 concept 2
citroen c7 concept 4
citroen c7 concept 3

Via: Diseno-art

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