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Citadel Skyscraper to carry cities providing residential space from land to the sea

Architectural marvels are not only limited to land, but with architects exploring different spaces have moved towards water bodies as well. Citadel Skyscraper, designed by Pavlo Zabotin and Victor Kopeikin, is a fine example of utilizing all new territories for humans. The amazing structure is a union between a skyscraper and a residential tank. The structure will create a harmonious environment, which will also safeguard the island from the inside against anthropogenic as well natural conditions.

Citadel Skyscraper

Citadel Skyscraper will comprise of residential units that are self supporting and these different units placed in the sea will also be able to interact with each other on the shoreline. Such an interaction will result in the formation of a defensive chain that will function underground and also on the surface. The design will ingeniously provide fresh economical nodes inside the territory of Japan. But, all this will have no link with the cities and will be solely focused along the coastline. Such an arrangement makes it possible to divert a part of the population, which will be a major relief for the cities of Japan bustling with people all around. The functional area will allow the city space to concentrate on other social and economic functions, like institutions, companies and enterprises.

Earthquakes are synonymous to Japan, which arise due to Tsunami when waves can even touch a height of 50 meters. The seismically active zone in Japan creates a lot of problems. Catering to this problem will be a single sheet of planned skyscrapers that will be placed at a distance of 2-3 kilometers along the shoreline. Such an arrangement will protect the entire island from the effects of such natural disasters. These skyscrapers will stand strong against high waves as they will be connected a system of drainage channels as well as breakwaters. The modern design of Citadel Skyscraper will unfurl a safe environment and will not step back when it comes to providing protection against forces of nature.

The entire system of Citadels is connected to each other and is divided in a way to provide three vital functions. These will function as residential units, will lend protection against natural disasters and act as a protective shield for the coastal zones. The structural system has been given a metal frame system, which is very sturdy and can withstand various environmental conditions. The 500 meter building will have a 1200 meter foundation depth, which makes sure that it can face shocks and tremors without much difficulty. The self sustaining construction will harness energy of the tides, which is quite commendable. Apart from this, drinking water supply will be autonomous through boreholes, while the ground floors will have live fish tanks.

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