CHU, a compact, cost effective and eco friendly single family home

Moving from one apartment to the other is quite a task and the process consumes a lot of time as well. But, how about moving the entire apartment without picking or packing a single thing? CHU or Compact House Unit by Tamar Fleisher is one such housing structure, which will unfurl the comfort of a house that too without consuming a lot of space.


CHU is perfect for a single person and wanderers as the eco friendly structure comes packed with all the basic needs. The unique homes will prove to be of great help in disaster struck areas where instant shelter is required to accommodate people. The fully functional living unit has a volume of 200 x 200 x 200 cm and is bound to fetch a lot of attention. The design comprises of a removable double bed, a toilet, a kitchen, wardrobe section, storage space, built in library, foldable work table, shoe drawer and even space to park a bicycle.

The bed being removable can be placed under the clear blue skies when the weather outside is pleasant. The kitchen will unfurl an environment that will allow cooking as fresh air passes through the unit. Every door has been marked properly complete with all the details that will unfurl various spaces. The economic housing solution comes caked in an aesthetically appealing look, which is quite simple and clean. CHU can be used either as a temporary or a permanent unit, as per a user’s needs. So, cook food, sleep, read or park your bicycle as the compact house unit won’t keep you deprived of all the comfort of a normal house/apartment.

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