Christmas Decoration Ideas that are Innovative

[box_dark]Celebrate your Christmas in a different style[/box_dark]

 With winters showing up and Christmas being merely a month away, the festive shopping and planning is certainly on the to-do list of everyone. X-Max is all about fun, magic, gifts, lights and liveliness and your home should be depicting all these expressions. However, decorating the house should be so innovative that it brings a feeling of freshness in the mind of every guest as well as in-house member. It is the time which should be celebrated as the arrival of a new year and thus should be welcomed with the brightness in not only the hearts but also in the surroundings. If you want to try out some new creative ideas to decorate your place for this year’s Christmas Eve then here are some of the most amazing options that you can choose from as the decorating tips:

  • [box_dark]Surprise in stockings-[/box_dark] Decorate a corner of your living room with the wishful stockings and fill those stockings with different surprise gifts. This would not only provide a fresh look to your room but would also make the guests, especially the children happily engrossed in the events of the party, making them look forward to their surprise Santa presents. You can even write the name of the people on your guest list on the socks in order to avoid any chaos along with making sure that the right gift reaches the right person.

  • [box_dark]Go green[/box_dark]- Green, red and white are the real colours of Christmas so what could be better than using the ethnic combo in your decorations? You can place the fragrance fresh green plants in the white coloured pots of various sizes at the corners with the letters imprinted on each one of them, delivering a Christmas message life ‘noel’ or ‘joy’. You can either print the letters of the normal paper or use the clipboard cuttings and paste them on each pitcher to reflect a 3D effect.
  • [box_dark]Revive the ancient feel[/box_dark]- You can choose to set up a corner with the feel of ancient Christmas decorations. Instead of making the decorations too bright, go for the more sophisticated and subtle colours like a combination of dust golden and black. Cover up the gifts with the simple Kraft papers of brown colour and place a stark tree decorated with gold and ivory coloured ornaments with some pearls to add a perfectly authentic look.
  • [box_dark]Create your own unusual tree[/box_dark]- Christmas tree is one of the main attractions on the occasion. However, instead of going for a usual green tree, you can try something new this year. You can create a tree with bare branches to be placed inside a colourful long steel bucket which is to be placed on a table in the corner. The branches can be decorated with the beautiful ornaments in transparent glass as well as white colour.
  • [box_dark]Santa’s corner[/box_dark]– You can decorate one corner with the gifts of Santa. Even if those boxes are entirely for the purpose of display, you can wrap them up in the elegant green, brown and white sheets with red ribbon bows on the top and arrange them all on a table white providing the corner a dramatic look by arranging the white braches spread on the wall behind the table and tying it up with a ribbon on the top.

Make your Christmas unique and add more flavours of fun by decorating every corner of your house with different themes. From you cutlery and food presentation to your Christmas tree and house walls, every corner should depict an exclusive feel of the festival and should bring joy on the faces as well as hearts of the onlookers.

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