Chorong lamps, reliving traditional Korean ‘chong-sa-chorong’ lamps

chorong led type
Reliving the traditional Korean ‘chong-sa-chorong’ lamps, designer Joongho Choi has popped up with new lamps hailed as “Chorong Type-1” and “Type-2” that other illuminating your place will also help in enhancing the décor with their unique looks. Just like the traditional lamp, new lamps also hung from a pole. Finished with metal, the lamps rotate in various directions, while hanging on the ‘deung rong deh,’ a fixed yet adjustable metal pole. When not held by hand, the lamps hang onto the fixed pole to show a vibrant difference between the wall and the illumination, allowing an ideal setting to the environment. Lit by LED, the Chorong Type-2 gives a smooth illumination; while on the other hand, the Type 1 is a regular light bulb.

chorong led type 2
chorong led type 1
chorong led type 4
chorong type 1

Via: Mocoloco

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