Chiseled Gran Turismo Recumbent Tricycle is fun to ride

Recumbent Tricycles no doubt have an eccentric shape, but everyone wants to try riding one of them sometime. These sit-down bikes unfurl a comfort coated ride, while the rider relaxes in the seat and looks around. Fetching heavy inspiration from racing bicycles and speedy sports cars is the stylish Gran Turismo Recumbent Tricycle, which has been designed by Justin Chan.

Gran Turismo Recumbent Tricycle

The Gran Turismo Recumbent Tricycle has been crafted in an eye appealing way and will attract a lot of attention when it rolls on the roads. It has been crafted using carbon fiber, giving it a chiseled shape, which is incomparable to any other bike present around. The use of carbon fiber gives it all the required strength to withstand just any kind of weather conditions. The customized recumbent tricycle frame gives it a super car appeal. The bike stands high on not only style but performance as well.

Apart from its radical shape, features like storage, HUD, suspension lights and roll bars give it additive magnetism. LED lights have been fitted that will brighten up even areas that have been lit up poorly, hence averting any kind of mishaps that may happen because of dark surroundings. The design comprises of a ribcage, which will lend the required protection in case the rider meets with an accident. The frame will be protected from damage because of the presence of heavy duty plastic skid pads. The Gran Turismo Recumbent Tricycle will be a whole different experience, which will be just plain fun to ride.

[Cheers Justin]

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