Chirp alarm clock wakes you with no annoyance to your roommate

Your alarm clock may be waking up your roommate as well. What is the solution? Here is the Chirp alarm clock for you as a better solution for the issue. Chirp is an alarm clock that vibrates your pillowcase instead of making disturbing buzz. Chirp comes with a vibrating pillowcase clip that you can fix on your pillow. Thus, you will feel the vibration once it is time to wake up. There will be no annoyance for your roommate or anyone else in your house.

Chirp Undercover Alarm Clock

Chirp has a cute and sleek design with a curved tray. It will add into the beauty of your table in the bed room. The tray will help you keep small items like coins and others. If the vibration does not wake you up, Chirp’s backup alarm clock will start making the buzz. A backlit display on Chirp shows time and scheduled alarm.

The Chirp alarm clock features smooth touch buttons on top and a slide button on side, which will help you control the device easily. It is made of plastic and the vibrating clip is of rubber coated plastic. The entire unit has the dimensions of 6.25 x 3 x 2.5 (LWH) inches and the clip measures 2 x 1.5 x 0.5 (LWH) inches.

Pricing details of Chirp are not available. Of course, it is a wonderful product as you can stop curses from your roommate for waking him up with your alarm clock. Moreover, vibration often wakes up one faster than the sound.

Via: Quirky/OhGizmo

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