Chip Tablet PC combines functions of a desktop and laptop

chip tablet pc 05

The computer has come a long way, from regular desktop PCs to laptops/notebooks and now tablets, to make our work easier and faster with precise perfection, saving a lot of time as well as effort. All three computing devices have their own characteristics, while desktop is ideal for regular office/home use, notebook for presentations or work on the go and the tablet allows highly personal work anywhere, anytime. Combining the features of a desktop, laptop and tablet computer, designer Shyam Balasubramanian has developed a multifunctional computer that allows great flexibility to enhance the experience of the user. Entitled the “Chip,” the tablet PC features a removable screen that separates from PC to become a tablet for personal use, while the hinged keyboard allows great flexibility to meet different purpose and needs of the user.

chip tablet pc 01
chip tablet pc 02
chip tablet pc 03
chip tablet pc 04
chip tablet pc 06
chip tablet pc 07
chip tablet pc 08

Via: Shyam-Ideas

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