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Chinese farmer creates his own wind driven electric car

To an urban mind, the thought of a peasant comes attached with the notions of a simpleton or a yokel. But there’s more than meets the eye. If feeding nations were an easy task then any “simpleton” would’ve taken to this “sure to work” calling. There’s got to be a latent spark lying dormant in a farmer’s psyche for want of a flame of resources. This aforementioned conviction has been convincingly substantiated by this Chinese peasant who has “wind-powered” his dreams.

Wind-Powered  Electric Car

Tangzhou Wangji Yongle, a small town in China would be proud to be home to Tang Zhenping, a 55 years old peasant who has employed his genius and a sum of money to bring to life his wind powered, electronic, eco loving set of wheels. Tang’s love affair with automobiles spawned during childhood. Now, at the age of 55, his object of affection has come to life. The monetary and durational efficacy of the project is a model to behold.

Wind-Powered  Electric Car

It took Tang just three months to design, manufacture and build his swift, wind powered machine with an expenditure of 10,000 Yuan. How about that! Swift minds have swift intentions it seems. Speaking of speed, the car can push the speedometer as far as 140 km/h. The styling of the car is of its own grain, quite distinct and respectable. It would be fair by no means to compare it with the “high-born” automobiles from formalized manufacturers. What Tang Zhenping has created is a one of its kind marvel which wants no condescension, only recognition.

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