Chilean coastal fog to be harvested for water by Coastal Fog Tower

coastal fog tower

In our imaginations, we have often built a castle in the clouds but Alberto Fernandez and Susana Ortega have conceptualized a tower that would touch the low-lying clouds of Chile to absorb its water and channel it to the dry Atacama Desert. The Huasco River valley is shrouded with dense fog, typical to the region, called the Camanchaca. The 400 meters tall helical Coastal Fog Tower would trap the water molecules in the fog and the spiraling structure would canalize the water into the basement. The water would be filtered by reverse osmosis. The project, if it materializes is capable of producing 20,000 to 200,000 liters of water every day. Catching the clouds for water instead of waiting for the rains is the objective of this sustainable development architecture.

Source: Inhabitat

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