Chess Set for Tesla: Vacuum tube chess set to attract young followers

vacuum tube chess set 01
The classic game of chess may have been losing charm among gen-next, but designers are not leaving any stone unturned to keep the traditional game up with the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation. Reliving the classic board and pieces of chess, designer Paul Fryer is up there with a vacuum tube chess set called “Chess Set for Tesla” that will help in attracting the younger generation to the graceful game of chess. Finished with wood, glass and electric components, the Chess Set for Tesla includes pieces that light up when they are plugged in to the board, making the players vigilant in case the opponent adds or picks up a piece from the board. The limited edition (only 7) chess set measures 17 x 48 x 50 cm and comes with 32 pieces ranging between 15 cm (tallest) and 10cm (smallest).

vacuum tube chess set 02
vacuum tube chess set 03

Via: Make/ Gizmodo/ Boingboing

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