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Check and mate to visual impairment

They say that if any of the primary five senses is lost, the remaining fortify further. Loss of sight doesn’t suggest reduced metal acumen. Rather, the brain exerts more to conjure up vivid images and conceptions that may well be even more scenic than real life itself. A tribute to the same intuitiveness of the mind lacking physical vision is Duncan McKean’s Chess for the blind.

Chess Set

It’s a game for the blind, ones with vision defects as well as for the ones having perfect vision. Creators have made use of textured magnets which hold the pieces in places. The direction of movement of each piece is borne on the piece as a physically perceivable pattern which aids recognition. Different weights suggest different values of the pieces. The metallic steel pieces represent “white” and the hardwood pieces are for “black.”

The board is hewed out of hardwood encased with cognizable magnets for the black hardwood pieces and ceramic coated magnet for the white steel squares. The extent of cohesion each piece has to the board connotes the quadrangle it is on. The dimension of each piece is 50 by 50 by 50 mm to make it more concrete while handling. All the game pieces have been molded using various casts to give them varying weights. They are then crowned with magnets of particular shapes overlaid with perceivable patterns and eventually bonded with appropriate glue.

Source: Duncan McKean

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