Changing Cupboards: You can’t get bored with this one!

changingcupboard 2112
You have invested heavily on a piece of furniture that you grabbed your attention and six months down the line, you’ve had enough of it. What would you do with it? Can’t think of an answer right?

That’s what happens to most of us; Designs and trends keep changing by the day and all of us want the latest trends in our homes. That’s probably why Front design has come with an incredible idea, furniture that changes colours and patterns, so that you are never bored of it. Changing Cupboard is a pixel morphing unit which is ‘built out of turning advertising signs so the expression of its surface changes.’

You gotto see it to believe it! Check out the video below and see how the unit keeps changing its patterns. Of course, you could end up getting bored with it too, maybe a bit late though.


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