Challenge your friends for a beer pong game on the new table by Chippewa Five

Beer pong is a game which is as fascinating as its name. Put a couple of beer cups on both ends and roll a ball toward your opponent. The losing team has to keep on drinking the beer out of their respective side glasses. The game gets challenging when there are multiple people on both sides. The game can now be enjoyed on the beer pong table designed by Chippewa Five, Chicago, IL.

Custom Light Up Beer Pong Tables

Built with the everlasting poplar wood, the table will ensure you enjoy an uninterrupted session of pure, ecstatic fun. The table has been fit together seamlessly and gives out a glow which is well worth the price of $799. The legs have been crafted out of quality cast iron while the best part is there are no visible screws anywhere. This is not where the buck stops. To make the game all the more challenging and mind captivating, the table has been equipped with two inset triangles made out of Plexiglas. Below these panels are glowing red LEDs, adding charm to the table. If red does not tickle your fancy, then choose between green and purple. The wiring for the LEDs is done internally and the table boasts of a seamless arrangement.

The green and purple tables have been priced at a relatively lower rate of $649 only. The panels are detachable and will put you in a competitive mood for sure. The point worth noting is that the surrounding areas of the table also get illuminated with the soft glow of the LEDs fixed inside the inset triangles. Rough it up with the pong table and challenge your friends to a game. Master the spirit and let the beer flow freely.

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