CES 2012: Best HDTVs

HDTV is fast gaining popularity and it has now become a necessity in modern homes. These days nearly all major electronics companies are manufacturing HDTVs. During the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, several companies launched their new HDTVs. Here is a list of 10 best HDTVs unveiled at the 2012 CES.

1. Toshiba’s glasses-free 3D HDTV

Manufactured by Japanese firm Toshiba, this glasses-free 3D HDTV boasts of a 55 inch screen and it is not a direct port of the ZL2. In 2D, this set displays at 4K (3840×2160), while in 3D it drops down to 720p (1280×720). The 3D effect of the model unveiled at the 2012 CES is much better than the prototypes that were put on display in 2011, but the 3D effect is not as good as offered in “regular” 3DTV.

2. Sony Crystal LED HDTVs

Sony has announced that it has decided to stop the production of its OLED TV line and would now concentrate on Crystal LED HDTV. During the 2012 CEs, the company unveiled Crystal LED Display. The screen of the new 55-inch HDTV uses LEDs as the light source. The contrast of this screen is strikingly higher than several other HDTVs available in the market. The brightness rating of the demo TV put on display by Sony was 400cd/m2.

3. LG 4K 3D TV

South Korean electronics giant LG unveiled the largest 3D Ultra Definition (UD) TV of the world featuring 3D technology, Smart TV function and UD display technology. The 84-inch screen of this TV has got picture quality with 8 million pixels. The resolution clarity of this HDTV is four times the resolution clarity of the HDTVs that are in market these days. The design of this HDTV is sleek and stylish. The superior display panel of this HDTV allows the users to access Smart TV ecosystem of LG. The Smart TV ecosystem can be browsed and navigated easily using Magic Remote of this TV. This ergonomically-designed remote recognizes four different inputs: voice recognition, point, magic gesture and wheel.

4. Sharp 80-Inch 3D LED LCD TV

The new 80-inch 3D LED LCD TV launched by Sharp is named LC-80LE844U HDTV. This TV is loaded with several new and advanced features including a new active technology developed by Sharp named 3D X-Gen. This TV with onboard Wi-Fi connectivity features several interesting apps including Netflix and Vudu. A remote set-up service called Aquos Advantage Live is also present in this TV. Featuring a full-array LED backlight, this HDTV is expected to do good business.

5. Lenovo K91 Smart TV

This smart TV is different from all other HDTVs available in the market because it is the first smart TV in the world featuring QualComm’s 8060 Snapdragon dual core CPU. This TV also supports the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system, which is again a unique feature. The 55-inch screen of this TV has amazing picture quality. This TV comes preloaded with 100 applications, including a game developed by Gameloft. The K91 boasts of a 5M camera and supports facial recognition software. This TV marks Lenovo’s foray into the HDTV market.

6. Google TV: Vizio

The R-series of HDTV released by Vizio is the company’s new Google TV range of HDTVs. The TVs of this series come loaded with Internet Apps Plus of the Google platform, which allows the user to access apps and stream media in their living room. The screen sizes of the the TVs in this series range from 42 inches to 65 inches. The remotes feature touchpads and QWERTY keyboards.

7. Plasma TV: Panasonic VT50

The Panasonic VT50 is a sleek and stylish TV which managed to win design and engineering award at the CES. The picture quality of this TV is of high quality because Panasonic has used an advanced pre-discharge technology in this TV. The integration of this technology produces higher contrast in dark areas. The Black Pro Panel of VT50 features a new cell structure and phosphors, which increase luminous efficiency.

8. Samsung ES8000 LED Smart TV

South Korean electronics giant Samsung announced during the 2012 CES that it will focus on smart TVs this year. The company’s decision to launch the Samsung ES8000 LED TV seems to be a right step in this direction. This slim bezel TV features a dual core processor and a U-shaped stand. The screen of this TV is 75-inches and its user-interface is highly intuitive, emphasizing on voice and facial recognition. This TV features a camera as well. The remote control of this TV is user friendly but loaded with several modern and advanced features. Samsung has announced that it will launch the ES8000 LED TV very soon.

9. LG 55-inch OLED TV

LG claims that its new 55-inch 3D-capable OLED TV is the world’s largest OLED TV panel. This TV uses Oxide TFT technology, which is cheaper than the technology used in other HDTVs because it uses oxide in place of amorphous silicon. The 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio of this HDTV displays amazing pictures. The White OLED used in this slim HDTV emits white color light from the diode, reducing the error rate.

10. Samsung 55-inch Super OLED HDTV

Samsung has manufactured this HDTV to compete with 55-inch OLED HDTV released by LG earlier. The picture quality of this HDTV is amazing because each OLED pixel present in this TV has its own RGB subpixel, each of which emits its own light. This TV is just 8mm thick. It is expected that Samsung would start shipping this TV to retail stores across the US in the second half of 2012. Samsung has not announced the price range but it is likely that price tags for this TV will be between the $5000 to $10000 range.

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