Cerkahegyzo’s pencils sculptures are simply stunning

Most of us have imagined ourselves to be artistic geniuses based on the pencil doodles that we came up with during boring lectures in school or college or during long meetings at work. Some of us have even used pencil shavings to create artwork while others have used the humble wooden writing instrument to create models of building and vehicles. However, what most of us have never imagined doing with a pencil is creating sculptures that look nothing like a pencil at all.


Cerkahegyzo’s pencils sculptures
Cerkahegyzo’s pencils sculpturesCerkahegyzo’s pencils sculptures

And that is exactly what Hungarian artist who goes by the name of Cerkahegyzo has done. Using nothing but a regular wooden pencil as his canvas and a bunch of handy tools, the artist has created sculptures that push the boundaries of micro art as well as the bounds of what a lowly pencil can be turned into. For such a small format, each pencil based sculpture is amazingly detailed. The artist has displayed a bunch of these on his personal page at the crowd artwork sharing site DeviantArt

The most astonishing part of the amazing sculptures is that the artist does not rely on the studier wooden part of the pencil to craft these delicate artworks. Instead, he fashions the sculptures by etching through the brittle pigment core in the middle of the pencils. Given how delicate this core is, each work of art created by the artist becomes even more amazing. The core has been sculptured to depict a small comb, a totem head and a tea light at the head of the pencil though the more amazing examples in the light see the very same core being fashioned into the body of a snake, a delicate interwoven chain and a ring of keys that show the kind of hard work and extreme detail that went into the making of this range.

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