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CDEFG Park gives an all new meaning to energy producing infrastructure

Cities are choked with different kinds of cars that add a lot of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in the form of car exhaust. Using this carbon dioxide in an ingenious way is designer Adrian Lo with the Carbon Dioxide Eliminating Floating Green Park or CDEFG-Park. The design is sustainable and will make good use of algae to produce power from car exhaust.


CDEFG-Park, with the presence of algae cells, turns carbon dioxide to oxygen and hydrogen which in turn in converted into electricity with the help of fuel cells. The electricity is then stored in storage cells and is used to power the city. The park produces water as a byproduct, which will keep the plants in a healthy state. The algae power production park will be situated in a dense urban setup. The unit comprises of a selective permeable membrane that separates hydrogen and oxygen gases.

The decks of the module are covered with vegetation that gets irrigated by water that is produced as a byproduct. The energy storage unit also doubles as a floating platform that can be used for a variety of activities. The park will unfurl great views that will attract a lot of people as it acts as an urban green space. The park can be accessed by locals who can enjoy the shore front lending a sense of serenity. The floating park design has a modular nature and can be placed as per different scenarios.

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