Creative and sustainable landscaping ideas

In general landscaping provides huge benefits to the people. Landscaping must be always designed in such a way that it delivers numerous benefits to both planet and humankind. People should avoid landscaping ways which harms both planet and humankind. For example let us consider rainwater. The sloped sides would be helpful for collecting and directing the rainwater. This is called as sustainable landscaping.  Mike curry

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Decorating your home with alphabets!

Alphabets- they rule our writing, our speaking, and our listening capabilities. Now, alphabets are no longer restricted to books or notebooks, they have become decorative option for our homes. Here is a list of home decoration option that uses the designs of different alphabets. Make your home more sophisticated and elegant with these alphabets-

Alpha chest: Made of mango wood, there are numerous drawers with

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Debt salt & pepper shakers comment on personal economic crises

The state of the world economy has been shaky since the global recession in 2008, leaving many people jobless and many were even forced out of their homes due to mortgage woes. Consumerist as we are, the economic crisis appears to be heightened when we find that we cannot afford the same luxuries that we could when the inflow of money was smoother. To highlight

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‘Wooden Foliage’ recreates natural playfulness of dried foliage for the indoors

Designer Rooshad Shroff from Mumbai-based Rooshad Shroff Architecture + Design and designer Jwalant Mahadevwala from Ahmedabad-based AndBlack Design Studio collaborated to create the Wooden Foliage project. Based in Ahmedabad, India, the project was completed on 10th June, 2012. The project is currently on display at in the main plaza of the Ahmedabad, india-based CEPT University’s School of Interior Design (SID). The designers were asked to

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Origami-inspired Viva Docking Speaker fits right into modern Asian decors

Are you tired of picking up decor accessories made of bamboo and rattan to make your Asian-inspired décor appear more authentic? Then, you’re simply going to love this lovely new Viva Docking Speaker by designer Jang se-chan. Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding AKA origami, the docking speaker comes folded flat though it can simply be twisted and turned into a cube-shaped speaker.

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The round garden by DesignLibero answers all interior gardening doubts

If you are someone who has a heart for growing plants and herbs but have to always arch your shoulders for limited space and lighting, then here’s something that should perk up your greenery senses. The amazingly conceptualized Green Wheel by DesignLibero is a new futuristic-looking indoor garden that offers people a great medium to grow plants and herbs. Designed extremely innovatively, the planter however

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Virgin Scooter to enjoy an electrifying ride

The world is going electric when it comes to answering transportation needs. People are looking out for reliable forms of transportation that are efficient as well as practical. Keeping all this in mind, designer Mikael Shevelkin has come up with a lightweight two-wheel ride named Virgin Scooter designed especially for the Virgin Brand. Virgin Scooter is an easy to maintain ride that will be perfect

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Passing Cloud Concept is How You are to Travel in Future

Lives have changed for sure. Gone are the days when US folks had the luxury to travel destinations without a fixed location in mind, and could take our sweet time to do so. Well, all that is set to come back if artist Tiago Barros’s new concept the “Passing Cloud” is to be believed as the floating cloud used to travel. Based as a futuristic

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Everything you need to know about airships

The concept Airships, invented as far back as 1900 were an advance on hot air balloons or blimps. They included an engine and rudders for propulsion. They also include a frame made of a light aluminum or composite material. The frame is enclosed with a polymer casing that is filled with helium gas. Helium, being lighter than air, causes the airship to rise. When the

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10 collapsible ladder designs to climb high and fast

Ladders are formed by two parallel frames joined by intermittent rungs for climbing up or down. Ladders are either rigid type or rope type ladders. Generally rope type ladders are hung from the rooftops and rigid ladders are supported with walls. The ladder is a common tool, which is found everywhere in the houses, offices, and at outdoor works. Portability is the main problem with

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