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Five extraordinary vending machines that really exist

Each one of you at some time or the other must have enjoyed eating an ice cream or a burger from a vending machine on the roadside. You would hardly ever have thought that these vending machines could be so amazing with a little technology added to it. Here are five such unusual vending machines that you will not believe exist.

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Design ideas in dining tables to amaze

The dining table is another integral part of the home where the family meets to eat meals and enjoy quality time. There are a number of designs made from a variety of materials that suit each one’s tastes and designs ideas. You can either get a dining table form the store or find ways to make it fit in with the rest of your interior décor or you can get one custom made so that it fits in perfectly with the rest of the house.

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Isaac Riehl skate park – Designs Unveiled!


There is some earth moving (literally) news heading the way of teenagers who tend to fall asleep doing a melon grab and who cannot imagine a life without their most fashionable skateboard. If you are someone who is sick and tired of legging it to some park that is over five miles away and if you are a resident of Pelham in Ontario, Canada then your life is about to change. For, within a few days there shall be built the Isaac Reihl memorial skatepark that shall host young skating enthusiasts as well as people of the younger and older generations offering them time to unwind and relax.

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Best speakers for your iPhone

Got an iPhone? Then you can turn you iPhone in a complete iPod station so, you can play the best iPhone music loud and clear. You can choose from a variety of spectacular portable iPhone speaker suiting your needs, and of course budget. This new collection of portable iPhone speakers is quite trendy, completely certified and tested on iPhones.

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Six most unusual yet interesting laptop bags

Laptops have become such an important part of lives that it is virtually difficult to imagine life without them. Whether you are a student or a business magnate, carrying a laptop is mandatory. But have you ever wondered that laptop bags can be widely unusual yet interestingly stylish. If not, then check this out

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Creative and sustainable landscaping ideas

In general landscaping provides huge benefits to the people. Landscaping must be always designed in such a way that it delivers numerous benefits to both planet and humankind. People should avoid landscaping ways which harms both planet and humankind. For example let us consider rainwater. The sloped sides would be helpful for collecting and directing the rainwater. This is called as sustainable landscaping.  Mike curry said that, spending lots of money, time and effort on the non-useful things will finally result in wastage of everything.

Curry’s views on landscaping:

It is always suggested for the people to choose a plant which can be alive without using pesticides, fertilizers, and much water. Moreover, you can also choose the plant which requires less efforts, energy and inputs. Eco friendly landscaping ideas have got a great demand these days. Especially the idea of landscaping with the rainwater has skyrocketed these days among the people. Everybody started using rainwater for landscaping as it prevents soil erosion as well as strengthens a plant/tree. Curry teaches various sustainable landscaping techniques like using rain barrels, rain gardens, bio retention designs, permeable pavers, green roofs etc to his students.

Curry had studied plant horticulture during 1970’s. He said that the landscaping industry had dramatically changed since, while he was studying plant horticulture. He also said that there are plenty options to create sustainable landscapes. He is working in the Midwest trading horticultural supplies in marketing sales section. This company is a specialist in producing non-plant landscape supplies like composts, mulches, nursery containers, structural soil, tools, aquatic supplies and growing media for rooftops, nurseries and landscapes.

He is also a president elect of MELA (Midwest ecological landscape alliance), which is a movement developed to create, restore and preserve sustainable landscapes via networking, collaboration and educating. Its main motto is to turn the green industries in such a way that their materials, methods and designs are of professional standard. Most of the home owners and commercial property owners are purchasing the irrigation controllers which runs on smart technology these days. These irrigation controllers provide the required moisture to the Mother Nature.

Curry also said his students to perform a soil test before using chemicals on a property as this would help in knowing whether the land can withstand chemicals or not. He also said that everything related to eco-system are inter-related. Curry said that we can minimize the usage of fossil fuels, water, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides by following the sustainable landscaping tools like irrigation controllers.

How should you opt for a plant?

You need to always select a plant which suits your area. Jean Brgadon, who is the manager of LGC (Luvey’s garden center) in Des Plaines, is offering a great variety of plants which suits the Chicago area and its climate. You could visit to find out more information on the plants related to different locations. Besides, a number of green products are available in the market these days. Thus, you could opt for a tree gator to gather the rain water and use it to water either plants or trees.

Bragdon said that they will offer these green products to those who are interested to do landscaping on their own or by hiring a contractor. He also said that they cannot offer installing services. However, you can go through all their plants and green products to choose the one which you feel best and comfortable. If you think that the native plants looks weedy you can chose some other plants which don’t need your attention much. In this way you can minimize your work by following the eco-friendly and sustainable landscaping techniques.


Decorating your home with alphabets!

Alphabets- they rule our writing, our speaking, and our listening capabilities. Now, alphabets are no longer restricted to books or notebooks, they have become decorative option for our homes. Here is a list of home decoration option that uses the designs of different alphabets. Make your home more sophisticated and elegant with these alphabets-

  1. Alpha chest: Made of mango wood, there are numerous drawers with each having one or two alphabets in the front.
  2. Fontable: Fonts of all alphabets, including upper and lower case form the red or white colored table top of the range of furniture designed by Alessandro Canepa and Andrea Paulicelli.
  3. For kids: Alessandro Di Prisco created this bold colored alphabet furniture for kids, with each alphabet pointing to a word with which it starts like l for library and s for swing.
  4. AB Chairs: Black colored modernistic chairs based on every alphabet are designed by the creative designer Roeland Otten.
  5. Letters Bookshelf: Industrial designer Pieter de Leeuw created book shelf with randomly organized alphabets. The setup is trendy and customizable.
  6. Customizable letter shelves: Each alphabet can be mounted and acts as individual shelf. Now such alphabets can be arranged in series to create a word. The creative for such innovative approach goes to Ricard Mollon.
  7. Letter DIY Shelf: This is a make your own bookshelf project. Pressboards, hanging brackets, nails, screws and bolts are all you will need. Measure the dimensions and create your own shelf.
  8. Alphabet set: Set26 has created alphabet shaped furnitures with drawers and doors that look quite modern too.
  9. Typography table: The coffee table is made of wood and has names of objects one can expect on such a table.
  10. A: The home décor designed by Chris Jackson is a stool shaped like lower case “a”.
  11. Shelf: The word Shelf is bending down perpendicularly to support stuffs you put on this wall mountable black colored shelf. It is also available in red or white.
  12. Bookcase: The shelf has engraved compartments shaped like letters to hold book and much more.
  13. “XL” Bookcase: Shaped like the two alphabets, the inside of the huge shelves have individual storage with a decent capacity.
  14. Love table: Created out of steel, the four letters are individual pieces. Each piece can function as small tables, pairs as side tables and together as coffee table.