Passing Cloud Concept is How You are to Travel in Future

Lives have changed for sure. Gone are the days when US folks had the luxury to travel destinations without a fixed location in mind, and could take our sweet time to do so. Well, all that is set to come back if artist Tiago Barros’s new concept the “Passing Cloud” is to be believed as the floating cloud used to travel. Based as a futuristic

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Everything you need to know about airships

The concept Airships, invented as far back as 1900 were an advance on hot air balloons or blimps. They included an engine and rudders for propulsion. They also include a frame made of a light aluminum or composite material. The frame is enclosed with a polymer casing that is filled with helium gas. Helium, being lighter than air, causes the airship to rise. When the

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10 collapsible ladder designs to climb high and fast

Ladders are formed by two parallel frames joined by intermittent rungs for climbing up or down. Ladders are either rigid type or rope type ladders. Generally rope type ladders are hung from the rooftops and rigid ladders are supported with walls. The ladder is a common tool, which is found everywhere in the houses, offices, and at outdoor works. Portability is the main problem with

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10 portable coffee machines to brew your cuppa on the go

When every gadget or appliance in our homes is getting portable day by day, there is no reason for coffee makers to remain static and bulky. Redeeming one of the most cherished home appliances worldwide now, the designers have successfully introduced portable coffee machines. While promising an extraordinary coffee experience on the go, these portable coffee machines are stylish, lightweight and effortless to use. 1.

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Design trends: Expanding/ Fold-out balcony designs

The trend For anyone who has ever seen one of those whacked out home makeover shows on TV and wanted desperately to have a design “intervention” in their homes as well but just didn’t have the resources to pull something like that off, there is still some hope in the instant home makeover market that is taking the interior design industry by storm.Taking a cue

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Tree houses; no more a child’s dream

Everyone and I guess every one, as a kid dreams about owning a tree house in the garden and I am no exception to that. But the sphere of the tree houses have grown larger and they are no more confined to the dreams of children. They are not just for kids anymore. They are now becoming a luxury and power symbol. They no more

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Innovative Ferrari bike designs to enhance your biking experience

The image of the prancing horse striding magnificently down the race circuit is enough to register that one name in our minds that has ruled the race track for years- Ferrari! For many fans across the globe, Ferrari is a religion which crafts perfectly chiseled chariots. The perfectly divine silhouettes are all four-wheeled. But what if we let our imaginations run a little wild and

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Portable workstation units let you work anytime, anywhere

The trend: As traveling has become an integral part of our daily lives, portability of various things has come up as a solution. From means of communications to means of transport, everything has become portable. And workstations are no different. The power of a portable workstation has a lot of appeal and is very useful too. They are easy to carry and are most suitable

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Futuristic Xi Luxury Yacht uses both aero and hydrodynamic principles

Inspired no doubt by the sleek and mesmeric form of the deadly sting ray, the Xi Luxury Yacht Concept by Aguila Design is one of those machines that redefine what the higher end of rest & recreation vehicles look like. The Chinese meaning of the name Xi is widely interpreted as a masculine word for sunrise. The luxury watercraft can just as well be the

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