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Thinking about Installing a Quartz Worktop? Here’s What You Need to Know

Everyone has heard of quartz as a material at one point or another. Quartz has long been used as a valuable addition to jewellery and timepieces, but worktops made from quartz are fast becoming a useful addition to the kitchen or bathroom as well.


If you are thinking of installing a quartz worktop in your home, what should you know about this exceptional material? First and foremost, quartz is also referred to as engineered stone, as it is different from natural stone, although its material (mainly quartz) is still considered natural. What makes quartz worktops different from natural stone worktops is that instead of being cut in a quarry, a quartz worktop is fabricated and made from a combination of quartz crystals (around 93 percent) and 7 percent resins and binders, as well as colouring.


The characteristics of quartz worktops: their advantages and disadvantages


Durability, toughness, and attractiveness all in one package


One of the reasons why quartz worktops are more popular nowadays is the fact that they are durable, tough and attractive. And since they are not natural stone per se and are actually engineered stone, they do not have some weaknesses associated with natural stone. For instance, natural stone is porous, so it can easily absorb dirt and bacteria and needs to be sealed. Quartz worktops, however, are non-porous, and therefore do not need to be sealed. In addition, quartz worktops come in a wider range of colours and patterns than natural stone worktops, and they are more affordable as well. If you purchase a quartz worktop, you can be quite sure that its warranty will last for ten to fifteen years, even more.


Better handling of wear and tear and easier maintenance


The toughness of quartz is a real advantage, especially if you are worried about cracks and chips (this is especially worrisome if you have small children or elderly loved ones in your home). A quartz worktop is less likely to suffer from chips or cracks compared to a natural stone worktop, and it does not require as much maintenance, either. A quartz worktop is much easier to keep clean, and because of its non-porous surface, it is less likely to accumulate bacteria, mould, and dirt.


Furthermore, quartz worktops are less likely to stain as well. Natural stone worktops, if not sealed properly, can be susceptible to stains from wine, oil, and citrus or fruit juices. Quartz worktops, on the other hand, do not easily absorb stains and can stand up to spills and other normal wear and tear quite well.


When it comes to disadvantages, quartz worktops have few. One of these is that since they are made from engineered stone and are fabricated, you cannot expect them to have the same level of natural beauty as natural stone worktops. You may also have seams which are visible with a quartz worktop, but the same is true for a natural stone worktop like granite as well. What’s important is to get a good and professional installer to install your quartz worktop for you so they know exactly what they are doing and can maximise the value of your quartz worktop.


For those who live in London and are looking for reliable, competent, and highly-professional suppliers of quartz worktops in London, look no further than J.R. Stone, which has been a leader in natural and engineered stone worktops for many years.


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The long overdue bedroom overhaul: Creating a luxurious retreat



With the majority of us having a busy lifestyle, it is ever more important to be able to come home and relax, and your bedroom is the place where that is the most significant. It is the place when you retire from active life and indulge in your own thoughts, and set yourself up for the day ahead. Therefore creating a bedroom that can be your sanctuary is a must for any busy critter.


To allow yourself to run the day, and not let the day run you, it is vital to buy a mattress that will give you the comfort and luxury your mind and body deserves. With sleep allowing your body to rejuvenate and your mind to process the thoughts of the day, it is the one thing you can do to maintain a balanced lifestyle, and allow you to be healthy and happy.


Another key component to creating a bedroom retreat is choosing the right colour to decorate your room. I personally find that neutral tones are a great basis for creating a relaxing space. By using calm warm tones, you have the flexibility to pull out integral colours to develop the overall look and feel of your room. These colours can be in artwork or bedcovers as these will create a personalised style to your special space.


Mood lighting also helps me to relax at home after a long day. Scented candles really help with unwinding after a busy day of hustling. Therefore, purchasing a lamp with subtle lighting and burning a fragrant candle whilst you soothe your weary body, really helps you to breathe and soften your hard exterior. Plus, having too bright a light in the evening stops your body from realising that it is time to sleep. A good book paired with these lighting tips can be a great way to chill out.


Soft furnishings are also a nice addition to any room, although I’m a huge fan of the industrial and minimalist look, I think it only truly works when you have some homely textured furnishings to allow you to snuggle up in your pjs, and prepare for tomorrow. Crocheted pillow cases or throws add colour and also warmth to any bedroom, plus a nice heart warming rug placed where your tiny cold toes would normally hit the floor is a great addition to allow you to get out of bed on those frosty mornings come winter.


One thing I couldn’t be without is a good doona and bed furnishings. A winter and summer doona are necessities which I would not (and could not) be without. Therefore, during your bedroom overhaul these are crucial buys, especially if your eye is on some beautifully crafted egyptian sheets and bedding sets. In my eyes, there is nothing better than changing your bedding and knowing when you do finally hit the hay, you’ll be immersed in the fresh crisp bedding. As an added extra, spraying lavender on your pillowcases before you go to sleep is a great way to relax you. Studies have shown it can help with insomnia and stress, plus it is a damn good smell to fall asleep to.


With these key tips on your bedroom makeover, hopefully it will be a fun and smooth process to create a bedroom sanctuary that you rightly deserve. By taking the time to design your bedroom properly, it will make a massive difference in your life, as this retreat is where you wake up every morning, and will allow you to rise with a positive outlook on the day ahead. Everyone needs a slice of comfort in their lives.

Great ideas for kitchen upgradation by installing countertops


Renovating your kitchen is a big challenge on the part of the homeowner who wants to undertake this job. For this, it is advisable to hire the services of a professional who knows what will be best for your kitchen by keeping in mind estimated budget within which you want to complete the project. Professionals understand which features need to included at the time of renovation so that it will not only provide comfort to the ones living in the house but also increase property’s value with time. Besides this, he/she will also select some of the latest design countertops for the kitchen.


(Picture taken from Caesarstone Canada Official site)


Ideas to renovate your kitchen


Installing countertops will give your kitchen wow feel when you will use this space for cooking and eating with your family. Below are discussed some ideas you should keep in mind for kitchen remodeling.


  • Add countertop garage – Countertop garage will provide various benefits for kitchen appliances like food processor, blender and stand mixer. These equipments are needed many times in the kitchen for preparing food of the family. It is best to keep them in countertop garage since you are going to use them regularly. After you finish using them, keep them back in the same place from where you had taken them. This will give more space in the kitchen since you will no more keep them in the space where you cook food. You may include Caesarstone quartz kitchen countertops at the time of renovation as they are the best one both in terms of price and quality.
  • Corner storage – Storage space is almost negligible in most of the houses these days, Probably, this is due to the fact that every inch of your kitchen is preoccupied with different equipments needed for cooking. Try to include corner storage in kitchen renovation design since these are the areas which are mainly unused in most homes. With corner storage, the left out areas will also be used in the best way possible.
  • Island cooktop – you should make it a point to keep separate area for ovens and cooktops when you are planning for kitchen renovation. When you keep the oven in a separate place, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of placing countertops on the island. Besides this, you will also be able to use the extra cooking area near cooktop with ease. This ensures safe cooking in the kitchen without any worry of catching fire.
  • Electronics enhancement – If you love to watch television, then you can add a screen in the kitchen. This way, you can cook food and at the same time, watch daily soaps. Nowadays, there are many screens that have the facility of cooktop, lighting, exhaust fan, ventilation and much more. Also, wireless charging station is also a good option that can be added with kitchen countertops.

There are various kinds of countertops available for kitchen. Homeowners now prefer to buy and install Caesarstone quartz kitchen countertops because they have proved to last for a long time. You will not have to change and update them every year which makes them an ideal choice for your budget. This will make your kitchen remodeling work easier without much hard-work on your part and give an awesome look to the cooking area of your house.




3 Electronics Standardizing Airplane Amenities

Some corporate travelers appreciate that air travel lets them pause and refresh. Since planes can often fly above most wireless antennas, you’re not going to get emails, texts, phone calls, or that Facebook Messenger tone until the wheels touch down.

Flying can be a perfect opportunity to kick back, turn on the music or a movie and tune out for a few hours.

“Yeah right,” says any seasoned road warrior – modern air travel is actually becoming less of a tranquil time-out and more of a head start in which you can prepare presentations, go over materials, write email drafts, and wait until you’re in proper range so you can communicate and be communicated with.

Another requirement of modern air travel is room for your electronics components. Decades ago, you might have had a movie to enjoy during your flight, but those have mostly gone the way of elegant meals in the air.

Today, passengers have access to everything from TV shows to a variety of movies, sometimes in the seats in front of them. Even better, after 2013, you’re allowed to use your personal electronics a little longer, due to modifications to a rule requiring everything to be powered down during take-off and landing.


While airlines seem to be cutting back in other inconvenient ways, they don’t seem to be scrimping on the available electronics components, either while in the air or at the gates.

Here are some examples of what kind of devices, electronics parts and interesting technology you may encounter.

  • Charging stations. Airports have been slow to offer charging stations, so it’s not uncommon to see a cluster of anxious passengers sitting or squatting around a traditional two-hole plug. But United recently has taken the initiative to install 500 charging stations at terminals around the country. This makes it easy and convenient to make sure laptops, phones, tablets, and electronic readers are all charged before the flight. These have room for up to six electric plugs and two USB ports. American Airlines has even gone further and offered charging stations aboard the plane in first class and business class seats.
  • Wi-Fi. Not long ago, Wi-Fi was something you could only access on the ground. But these days, most airlines have figured out how to turn themselves into mini-hubs that passengers can connect to for a certain charge. It isn’t necessarily cheap or high speed, but it’s Wi-Fi — and that’s all that matters to on-the-go business travelers. The data can come from connections to satellites, from passing certain mobile broadband towers along the route that are pointed into the air or staying under 10,000 feet. Making phone calls are still dicey, and often can be done via costly, short satellite calls, or shaky Skype conversations, but Internet seems to be a go.
  • Streaming entertainment. We know you’re supposed to be working, but how cool is this? Airlines like American, Delta, Southwest and US Airways are going far beyond having one movie that everyone watches or even the movies built into the little screen in the seat in front of you. A new feature, called “Bring Your Own Device” entertainment, allows passengers to download content to their tablets, laptops or smart phones, and watch it during your flight. There’s no need for an Internet connection either – according to the BoardingArea blog, all of the movies, shows or music are all stored on the local server of the plane. You may be required to download the airline’s app first or submit billing information.


Overall, the best example of modern electronics components in the air is actually the plane itself – a Boeing 737, its smallest but most popular plane, is built with 367,000 pieces from hundreds of suppliers and a labor force of thousands.  Whether you’re seeking to purchase parts at major airline level or for a smaller endeavor, consider Verical for your electronics component needs.



Unusual designs that add a new dimension to cooking

Cooking gives immense pleasure and happiness to the ones who are fond of eating and cooking. You can now bring out excellent flavor to your dishes with the help of high quality advanced cooking utensils. With bringing taste and novelty in cooking these high tech utensils will also make cooking more easy and stylish. Continue reading Unusual designs that add a new dimension to cooking

Beautiful Decorative Home Solar Panels

Solar panels are known as energy-efficient tools designed to harness the sun’s rays to generate power for electricity or heating. But, who knew they could be downright fashionable, too? Recently, scientists have created a way to mass produce solar panels that allow them to be used in more ways that are more appealing to the eye. There are a myriad of ways to decorate your home with these power savers, including using them as a part of roofing, fixtures, shade, and other decor. Solar panels are no longer a technology of the distant future. They are available now, and they can be used to power and beautify your home in many different ways.

Stay Stylin’ in the Shade


Image via Flickr by Laura Manning

Solar roofing panels can be used to create shade and “solar canopies” from the sun and other elements in the front or backyard. Fourth of July rained out? No worries — grill up some burgers for the whole family in the backyard while the solar panels keep you dry and save you energy. Why not create a nook in your yard to lay back in a hammock with a Mojito and read your favorite book? Or, watch some tennis on the courts from the sidelines by creating a spectator’s seating area, sheltered by solar panels. By installing home solar panels, you can have the benefits of the outdoors while staying healthy and shaded too. With so many scientific breakthroughs in today’s modern age, solar panels are more decor-friendly and can look stylish in any situation.

Revamp Your Rooftop

Image via Flickr by Peter Blanchard

One of the most common yet effective ways to upgrade the home with solar panels is to attach them to the roof. This can add a modern flair to antique roofing, or add style to your modern home by being different from the other houses on the block. Plus, rooftops cover so much space that the solar panels will get plenty of sunlight, and, therefore, have the potential to save you energy when you need it. If you don’t fancy putting solar panels on your home’s rooftop, try installing solar panels to other housing units on your property, like the backyard shed, a barn, or even the garage. Any of these rooftops will add style and function to your home. Even Fido would appreciate a trendy and environmentally friendly renovation to his dog house.

Wow Your Neighbors With Window Shade

Although rooftop solar panels are popular and trendy, you can think outside of the box and be unique by adding solar panels to the outside of your home’s windows at a slight diagonal angle to provide shade. By using solar panels as window shades, you upgrade your home’s exterior while helping the planet, not to mention your wallet. Because solar panels have been tweaked by scientists and mass produced, they are now much more functional and affordable than they used to be. Install home solar panels on the outside of your windows to provide both fashion and function.

Be More Productive with a Skylight

What’s a better way to beautify a home than to add a skylight? There’s little more that makes such a positive impression on guests. The often partially see-through tone of the solar panels offer just enough light to provide shade while still letting enough natural light shine through to your home. The natural light will allow you to use less electricity inside. Another side benefit of this is that natural light is shown to make people more productive. By using solar panels to beautify your home with a skylight, you’re benefitting your health and making your home easy on your eyes.

Solar panels are becoming more affordable for the everyday person and can beautify any person’s home. Whether you use solar panels as roofing, to add a skylight, provide a window shade, or keep cool and away from the elements under a solar canopy, the environment will thank you, and so will your neighbors and family for having upgraded your home’s aesthetics.


Outdoor tells a lot about the house you live in: Five top latest outdoor trends 

With the changing trends of creating and decorating unique outdoors, living space is growing along and architects and designers have come up with some unique and ever-changing ways to add outdoors to your house. Let us have a look at the top five outdoor styles of year 2014:

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