Beautiful Decorative Home Solar Panels

Solar panels are known as energy-efficient tools designed to harness the sun's rays to generate power for electricity or heating. But, who knew they could be downright fashionable, too? Recently, scientists have created a way to mass produce solar panels that allow them to be used in more ways that are more appealing to the eye. There are a myriad of ways to decorate your

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Spectacular weapons used by real life spies

There are very few people who do not like to watch spy movies or read who-done-its involving spies and cloaked gentlemen. James Bond is our only reference point for understanding how the spies must lead their lives. Well, you must have seen the amazing cars and weapons used by Mr. Bond and fantasized about them a bit. Do not think that the life of real

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Five artistic accessories to enhance your balcony

The balcony of any house is very important because it occupies the entire area and adds beauty to the façade of any place. Balconies are aesthetic and improve the access between various rooms in a house. Explore this article to know about the five best accessories to add style to your balcony.

The Balcony Kitchen:

This unique and state-of-the-art balcony kitchen is the creation of

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The most awaited and anticipated smart phones of 2014

The global market of smart phones is expanding continuously. Each year the number of smart phone users is increasing. Smart phones have become a symbol of status for the youngsters and they want to carry the latest gadgets in the market. The young generation is always looking out for newer and better smart phones for swapping their old hand sets with the new models.


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Five extraordinary vending machines that really exist

Each one of you at some time or the other must have enjoyed eating an ice cream or a burger from a vending machine on the roadside. You would hardly ever have thought that these vending machines could be so amazing with a little technology added to it. Here are five such unusual vending machines that you will not believe exist.

A Doggy Bath:


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Design ideas in dining tables to amaze

The dining table is another integral part of the home where the family meets to eat meals and enjoy quality time. There are a number of designs made from a variety of materials that suit each one’s tastes and designs ideas. You can either get a dining table form the store or find ways to make it fit in with the rest of your interior

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Isaac Riehl skate park – Designs Unveiled!


There is some earth moving (literally) news heading the way of teenagers who tend to fall asleep doing a melon grab and who cannot imagine a life without their most fashionable skateboard. If you are someone who is sick and tired of legging it to some park that is over five miles away and if you are a resident of Pelham

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Best speakers for your iPhone

Got an iPhone? Then you can turn you iPhone in a complete iPod station so, you can play the best iPhone music loud and clear. You can choose from a variety of spectacular portable iPhone speaker suiting your needs, and of course budget. This new collection of portable iPhone speakers is quite trendy, completely certified and tested on iPhones.

B&N’s Zeppelin Mini - For true and

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Six most unusual yet interesting laptop bags

Laptops have become such an important part of lives that it is virtually difficult to imagine life without them. Whether you are a student or a business magnate, carrying a laptop is mandatory. But have you ever wondered that laptop bags can be widely unusual yet interestingly stylish. If not, then check this out

Koo laptop bag is spacious and oddly stylish. You might not

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