Applications that help you live a Greener Life

Smart phone applications are software that are designed to work on al smart phones, they are fun, interesting and can even be extremely useful at the right times. There are even some utility applications that can help us to run our households, manage our work and now you can reduce wastage that would affect the environment while learning some pretty impressive facts in the process.

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The Transparent iPad 6: A Concept Idea

The iPad 6 is on its way and blogs all over the internet are going nuts over what the new design will look like. Just like the iPhone 6, many people are coming up with same pretty cool concept ideas for the new iPad 6. Concept ideas are the results of creative thinking that give us an insight into different possibilities, in this case it’s

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If you had a time machine and were enterprising enough, you would most probably go back in time and buy up a few shares of apple when it first began. Now, the operating system designed by maybe one of the best minds of this century is fast gaining popularity and will very soon overhaul the more established Microsoft. Even then, in the

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There have been many debates in the past and are continuing to take place in the present on the point of whether or not we have become more civilised than our predecessors. Have we improved in our moral values and have we bothered to remember and respect our roots. While a debate on this point shall be too cerebral to comprehend

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Six most unusual motorized objects

Love motion? Then you will definitely love those most unusual motorized objects that have created sensation these days. We have listed down six of them. Take a peek:

Motorized Couch

Are you a lazy person? Do you love to spend most part of the day lying on your couch? Imagine that you are relaxing on your favorite settee and going to different places without rising

September 5th, 2013 0 comments Technology

Six best gadgets or technologies for the visually impaired

Nowadays, gadgets or technologies have become indispensable in our life. But what about those who are not blessed with the power of vision? Well, the challenges faced by the visually impaired persons are getting eliminated fast with the advent of a number of contemporary gadgetry. From reading e-books to creating art, they can do each and everything with these amazing inventions. Here are the best

August 26th, 2013 0 comments Technology

Five most unique and creative exoskeleton designs

With the rapid advancement of robotics, global technology leaders are coming up with unique and creative exoskeleton designs in order to help civilians as well as military personals. In this post, we have sorted out the best five of them. Have a look:


Invented and marketed by a group of researchers at the Argo Medical Technologies Inc. in Israel, ReWalk is considered as the

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The flat application is here

Telerik is a developer company which has recently launched a new tool which is being used for building flat borders. With this device people can design modern looking applications with the help of the HTML framework. This tool is known as the Kendo UI umbrella tool.

The Kendo UI umbrella tool is flat, modern designed and special because it sticks on to existing trends in

August 14th, 2013 0 comments Technology

Smart watches- the best way to get smart


Technology has no bounds and as days progress, it keeps on upgrading itself. In fact, this up gradation spree continues in a circular motion with no stop in between. Be it a digital camera or a LED Television, the ever developing technical gadgets are widely popular among various section of people. Mostly attractive towards teens, these latest gadgets bring a fresh round of air

August 14th, 2013 0 comments Technology

Six best robots to do dirty jobs for you

There are jobs we love and job we do not love so much but then there are jobs that make us crinkle our noses in disgust. Such jobs seem below human capacity and should be done by something that is not human. Our concept of robots consists of sci-fi movies and books where they are capable of all sort of highly technical jobs and save

July 25th, 2013 0 comments Technology

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