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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Shower

Think about how many hours a week you spend in the shower. Then consider how many hours this adds up to in the course of the average year – thousands of hours spent within a shower you probably don’t particularly like or appreciate. Since you are spending so much time in this bathroom essential, consider a timely upgrade to enhance your shower experience and get your day off to the best start. Take a look at these home shower improvements – they don’t cost the earth, and they can be surprisingly effective.

  1. Switch Your Shower Cabin

Take a look at your bathroom and what do you immediately see that needs an improvement? Chances are it’s the shower cabin itself. An old, tired shower enclosure doesn’t inspire you when you get in. On the contrary, new shower cabins come with super-sized doors, frameless enclosures, high-power water jets, and well-fitting doors to minimise annoying leaks and drips. Take a look at the examples at for inspiration. The trend is towards large shower enclosures and modern fixings, so you won’t go wrong if you go big.

  1. An Easy Way to Increase the Pressure

If you normally have good water pressure but lately your showerhead has been lacklustre, give it a wash with vinegar and baking soda. The best way is to leave the shower head in the baking soda and vinegar solution overnight – secure a plastic bag around the shower head with an elastic band. The next day you’ll have a much more powerful shower.

  1. Or Change Things Completely

But often if your showerhead is old, the best way to revive your shower experience is to replace it. A number of different styles of showerhead are available nowadays that are affordable and easy to fit. Take your pick – it could make a huge difference to the quality of your morning or evening wash.

  1. Go Tropical

If your fittings and fixings are all working well and you’ve upgraded your shower and bath, take a look at the details – put in more plants and flowers into the bathroom.  Potted plants and hanging plants are excellent for the bathroom, bringing freshness, vitality, and beautiful scents. Make sure you choose plants that thrive in damp conditions, and minimise the need for soil by choosing plants that grow well with shallow roots. Bunches of fresh flowers or even fresh herbs bring an inviting scent to the bathroom which is particularly pronounced when the shower gets steamy.

  1. Add Little Extras


The smallest details can make a big difference in your shower, for example new fluffy towels and a heated towel rail to keep them cosy, a better shower organiser to keep your bottles of shampoo and shower gel under control, and a better bath mat or wooden bath stand. Changing old, rusting accessories and putting in new, sparkling items gives your shower and your mood an instant boost and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.


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The evolution of cranes

A familiar sight on the skylines of many cities is the image of cranes – many if not dozens, in some thriving metropolises – punctuating the horizon; whether they’re perched atop buildings or lofty ground-based cranes building up the skyscrapers. Indeed, I once heard that you could tell how successful or how well the city’s development and economy was going by counting the number of cranes that it had rising up. I know when I was recently looking for crane hire in Melbourne that it was almost impossible to find someone who wasn’t booked for at least a couple of weeks. Business is certainly booming in Melbourne.


Cranes signal growth, building and size, and it’s staggering to think that without them, it would be impossible to construct the incredible structures that we have today. It’s even more interesting to think that we as a race have been using a version of cranes since the Egyptian times, and probably even before, albeit in crude forms. I wanted to take a look at the evolution of the humble crane, as a way to pay homage to this builder of cities and thankless worker in the building and construction industry.


Cranes themselves rely on a range of pulleys, levers, weights and ropes in order to lift a heavy item and move it from one place to another, while the crane needs to be heavy enough or have enough weight in its base so as not to topple over while lifting and moving. So when was the first crane recorded or invented? The first record of a crane being used was in Greece in the sixth century BC.


Greek Cranes

The Greeks – enterprising lot that they are – built cranes by stacking blocks and then securing the beam mechanism. While they didn’t incorporate a pulley system into their setup, they did have a set of large ‘tongs’ which they used to move things around. The pulley and winch set-up didn’t come into play until some time around the age of Aristotle (and we know this because a crane was featured in a book of his). After the pulley and winch set-up grew in popularity, it spread like wildfire throughout the land. The Romans then discovered the Greek crane and made some typical Roman tweaks, and made it more efficient. At its peak, their crane was capable of lifting objects over 13,000 pounds. After the fall of Rome though, it was some years before cranes got going again in Western Europe.


Western Europe

Around the 1200s, cranes started popping up again, particularly in France. England jumped on the crane bandwagon in the 1300s and the world saw use of cranes in building, mining and harbours for loading and unloading ships. As time went on, the crane was adapted to make loading and unloading ships easier and the first early Gantry cranes were created where a fixed crane was built into a rotating platform or roof. The floating crane was also pioneered in this time.


Industrial Revolution

The Industrial revolution brought with it a whole host of new materials, including metals and steel and cast iron supports which in turn served to further strengthen the power of the cranes and their lifting power. In the early twentieth century, we began to see the use of electric motors.


Today’s Cranes

Nowadays, we see lots of different kinds of cranes across a lot of different industries, including lattice boom cranes, crawler cranes, rough terrain cranes and gantry and side cranes. We wouldn’t have the incredible buildings, industries and structures that we have today, as well as the amazingly efficient transport industry that we have, without cranes.


Cranes are the backbone of the construction industry and it will be exciting to see where we are in another decade’s time as far as developments go.

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