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Outstanding Approaches to Outbuilding Design on a Budget

Adding a garage or workshop onto a property is a common aspiration for landowners looking for a reason to design and execute their own outbuilding mini-project. Typically, however, imagination and budget building don’t go hand-in-hand. The assumed single alternative is opting for plain prefabrication. But this belief is wrong. There’s a lot more you can do with the design approach to your budgeted out building project than you might think.  Don’t believe it? Here are five examples:

Complementing the terrain

One of the more commonly overlooked aspects of outbuilding aesthetics, especially in rural areas, is the way it fits with its surroundings relative to your key vantage points. Similar to how a new skyscraper can ruin the view for thousands of citizens, a poorly placed outbuilding, though seemingly gorgeous otherwise, may obstruct a once-appreciated view from your balcony or bedroom window. Simply taking the time to carefully plan where your building will be and how it blends with the landscape can vastly improve its design qualities overall, without costing more.

Going modern

Another misconception is that outbuildings on a budget are destined to be aesthetically pedestrian and icons of boring architecture. Most metal building package options available through prefab specialists are surprisingly customizable and sleek. Overhead doors and framed openings found in garages, for example, can be placed wherever you want them to be. Steel in particular is a timeless choice in building material when opting for futuristic design.

The majority of prefab metal building suppliers are attune to the needs of a more design-conscious market and are increasingly making their low-cost options more modern in style – complete with dynamic roof angles, durable yet eye-pleasing paint colors, and state-of-the-art space-saving techniques.


Imagine multi-use

It’s not impossible to achieve multi-use in an outbuilding on a budget. With the right placement of doors, bay entrances, power supply, and loft flooring, a garage can easily become a workshop just as easily as it can be a storage facility. This matters if life changes put a halt to an outbuilding’s original use. Maybe storing a motorcycle for fair weather fun isn’t such a good idea if you’re recently married with a baby on the way. Instead of paying for storage for the items in the office-turned-nursery, opt to put them in the old garage instead.

Not only can multi-use save you money, it can attract a broader market of potential buyers if you ever decide to sell.

Go green

The best part about budget outbuildings and contemporary concerns for energy use and waste is that the two go hand-in-hand. Steel – the predominant choice of material for outbuilding construction – can be recycled and reused – often times without being recast – into perpetuity. Highly reflective metal surfaces bounce the sun’s rays off the building during the summer to lower cooling costs. In winter time, wider wall cavities filled with more insulation than the typical wooden or brick structure help save on heating costs.

Budget outbuildings don’t require a sacrifice in design. Careful consideration and creative use of low-cost materials can go a long way when wanting extra-home structures to add to your property’s aesthetic and not take away from it. It’s merely of matter of knowing what to do. We’re glad to help you get started.



High tech window designs that throw out the ordinary

What is one thing that gives you a look of outside world when you get bored in your room, Or what lets in the fresh air when you fee; suffocated? Or wakes you up with a natural light! Yes, it is indeed a window. Even when people look for houses, one thing they make sure is that, that place has proper ventilation and that is provided by windows. Let’s have a look on some innovative designs of windows. Continue reading High tech window designs that throw out the ordinary

Unique calendar designs that show creativity rules

It’s a beginning of a New Year and what’s the one thing that you need on your desk rightway? Certainly a calendar but of course not those typical calendars that we see hanging on our walls or placed on the corner of our table. Let’s start by getting a calendar that shows more than just 12 months, calendars with concepts and ideas beyond the ordinary. Continue reading Unique calendar designs that show creativity rules

How to make your bathroom spa like

If you could go to a spa every night after work and not have to think about any of the jobs that are waiting for you at home, would you? I’m guessing the trip getting there would be too much for you, despite wanting to.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you had a space in your home that could reflect a spa? Yes? Then why not turn your bathroom into one? All of us want a relaxing bathroom, a place we can escape to relax when things are getting too much. Turning your bathroom into a spa is easier than it sounds and can be done on a budget. We’ve listed 8 tips to help you create a spa feel to your bathroom

Bathroom furniture
Your bathroom furniture can make a big impact into making your bathroom feel like a spa. Look out for Jacuzzi corner baths or whirlpool types. Choose bathroom furniture that will complement the spa look but not cost a fortune. The likes of Ideal Standard Outlet and similar outlets have some great deals to help you create your home spa on a budget.

shutterstock_222904441 (1)

Use neutral colours
Using earthy tones or neutral colours will help to create a calming effect to your spa-like bathroom.  You should use colours that are light to give the room a relaxing feel.  Think about the colours you see when you’ve been to a spa in the past and try to incorporate that into your design.

Add beautiful scents
When we enter a spa, we are hit by the beautiful aromas that instantly make us feel relaxed. You can do this in your own bathroom too by adding some refreshing scents for aromatherapy. Add some reed diffusers on the vanity; add some sweet smelling flowers or even some scented candles to make the room boast a spa-like aroma.

Decorate with spa-like details
To make your bathroom look spa-like, it’s important that you keep it minimalistic. Avoid clutter in the bathroom and use spa like apothecary jars to store all of your beauty products. Why not roll some white towels and place them in the bathroom too – just like how spa’s do it!

Natural light
Ensure you don’t block your windows and ensure that natural light is coming in, it will make you feel healthier and start off your day more cheerfully. You will also be able to see the outdoor scene; the view of nature will help you to relax.

Add greenery
Bring the outdoors in and add life to your spa-like bathroom. It doesn’t have to be much. Whether it’s a potted plant or a small flower, it will help in creating a Zen look.


Add wooden accents
To give a warm aura to your bathroom, you can use wood slats or have wooden cabinets. Adding wood helps to create a relaxing Asian feel which is perfect for a spa-like bathroom.


Super expensive designer chandeliers that carry the feel of royalty

Chandeliers have always been an exotic choice of lighting at homes and other architectural wonders. They add a perfect touch of elegance, style, and personality to a room décor. They look superb at grand entrances or in formal dining areas. However, chandelier designs have come a long way from traditional to modern designs, which have changed a lot in appearance. Modern designs have grown in versatility owing to the out of the box thinking of some creative designers. There are some chandelier designs that are adept at bringing home a royalty and belong to the category of most expensive chandeliers worldwide. You can have a look at the following designs that are truly modern and unique: Continue reading Super expensive designer chandeliers that carry the feel of royalty

Beanbags molded into super cool shapes for extra fun

Beanbags used to be those extra chairs that used to come in use at the arrival of guests. Then came a time when beanbags became so stylish in shape and appearance that they turned into a style statement kept anywhere in a home. Click through to see some of the coolest beanbag designs that you can bring home: Continue reading Beanbags molded into super cool shapes for extra fun

Unique, elegant and classy go together for these pendant lamps

Lighting is a very important aspect of any home or an office, as it gives it a beautiful feel and ambience. There are ample designs and types of lighting, out of which the hanging or the pendant lights are one. Even if a room has not that good interiors and if the lighting is done right, that same room looks no less than a room that has outstanding interior designing, and vice versa. Pendant lights look lovely hanging from the ceiling and brightening the room. Following are some very creative hanging light designs that you can choose to install in your home: Continue reading Unique, elegant and classy go together for these pendant lamps