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How to make your bathroom spa like

If you could go to a spa every night after work and not have to think about any of the jobs that are waiting for you at home, would you? I’m guessing the trip getting there would be too much for you, despite wanting to.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you had a space in your home that could reflect a spa? Yes? Then why not turn your bathroom into one? All of us want a relaxing bathroom, a place we can escape to relax when things are getting too much. Turning your bathroom into a spa is easier than it sounds and can be done on a budget. We’ve listed 8 tips to help you create a spa feel to your bathroom

Bathroom furniture
Your bathroom furniture can make a big impact into making your bathroom feel like a spa. Look out for Jacuzzi corner baths or whirlpool types. Choose bathroom furniture that will complement the spa look but not cost a fortune. The likes of Ideal Standard Outlet and similar outlets have some great deals to help you create your home spa on a budget.

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Use neutral colours
Using earthy tones or neutral colours will help to create a calming effect to your spa-like bathroom.  You should use colours that are light to give the room a relaxing feel.  Think about the colours you see when you’ve been to a spa in the past and try to incorporate that into your design.

Add beautiful scents
When we enter a spa, we are hit by the beautiful aromas that instantly make us feel relaxed. You can do this in your own bathroom too by adding some refreshing scents for aromatherapy. Add some reed diffusers on the vanity; add some sweet smelling flowers or even some scented candles to make the room boast a spa-like aroma.

Decorate with spa-like details
To make your bathroom look spa-like, it’s important that you keep it minimalistic. Avoid clutter in the bathroom and use spa like apothecary jars to store all of your beauty products. Why not roll some white towels and place them in the bathroom too – just like how spa’s do it!

Natural light
Ensure you don’t block your windows and ensure that natural light is coming in, it will make you feel healthier and start off your day more cheerfully. You will also be able to see the outdoor scene; the view of nature will help you to relax.

Add greenery
Bring the outdoors in and add life to your spa-like bathroom. It doesn’t have to be much. Whether it’s a potted plant or a small flower, it will help in creating a Zen look.


Add wooden accents
To give a warm aura to your bathroom, you can use wood slats or have wooden cabinets. Adding wood helps to create a relaxing Asian feel which is perfect for a spa-like bathroom.


Super expensive designer chandeliers that carry the feel of royalty

Chandeliers have always been an exotic choice of lighting at homes and other architectural wonders. They add a perfect touch of elegance, style, and personality to a room décor. They look superb at grand entrances or in formal dining areas. However, chandelier designs have come a long way from traditional to modern designs, which have changed a lot in appearance. Modern designs have grown in versatility owing to the out of the box thinking of some creative designers. There are some chandelier designs that are adept at bringing home a royalty and belong to the category of most expensive chandeliers worldwide. You can have a look at the following designs that are truly modern and unique: Continue reading Super expensive designer chandeliers that carry the feel of royalty

Beanbags molded into super cool shapes for extra fun

Beanbags used to be those extra chairs that used to come in use at the arrival of guests. Then came a time when beanbags became so stylish in shape and appearance that they turned into a style statement kept anywhere in a home. Click through to see some of the coolest beanbag designs that you can bring home: Continue reading Beanbags molded into super cool shapes for extra fun

Unique, elegant and classy go together for these pendant lamps

Lighting is a very important aspect of any home or an office, as it gives it a beautiful feel and ambience. There are ample designs and types of lighting, out of which the hanging or the pendant lights are one. Even if a room has not that good interiors and if the lighting is done right, that same room looks no less than a room that has outstanding interior designing, and vice versa. Pendant lights look lovely hanging from the ceiling and brightening the room. Following are some very creative hanging light designs that you can choose to install in your home: Continue reading Unique, elegant and classy go together for these pendant lamps

5 Interior Design Tips for Small Apartments

Having an attractive interior to your home does not always require the help of a professional. However, when dealing with small spaces, such as a small apartment, styling can be a challenge. Small spaces can make a room look cluttered even without much furniture, and the wrong color choices can even make the space feel cramped.

If you’re living in a small space, you don’t have to feel cluttered in your own home or assume there is no cute way to decorate your area. Instead, use one of these five interior design tips for small apartments to help you maximize space and create comfortable, beautiful home.


  1. Stick with lighter colors.

Darker colors will make a room look small, so it’s very important that you use a lighter color scheme to enhance the size of your apartment. Stick with neutral or light colored walls to make them appear bigger. You should also use light colored furniture throughout your home too. Consider whites, grays, or neutral colors for items like couches, chairs, rugs, curtains and any other larger item you may have in your home.


  1. Put curtains to the ceiling.

You can greatly make your apartment seem bigger by adding curtains all the way to the ceiling instead of at the top of the window. Curtains draw the eye up, and if your curtains go to the ceiling, it will make your apartment look much larger than it really is. Be sure to buy curtains that will reach from the floor to the ceiling in your apartment, and try to opt for those that are lighter in color. This will make your apartment seem taller, which will make it feel less cramped.


  1. Opt for hardwood when possible.

Hardwood floors can make your apartment seem bigger. Even darker colors such as beautiful Brazilian cherry flooring can make a small apartment seem larger by running the hardwood vertically. This will trick the eye into thinking that the apartment is much longer than it really is, especially down hallways. If you are installing the hardwood, be sure to install it vertically instead of horizontally for a maximum spacious effect.


  1. Choose clear when possible.

When decorating your home, be sure to choose clear items when possible. For example, having a glass kitchen table and glass end tables will make your apartment look larger because you can see through them. You can also choose clear décor, such as clear vases and light fixtures or even mirrored picture frames too. If you are adding shelves, a clear plexiglass shelf can make your home look much bigger too than some dark, boxy shelving unit.


  1. Use shelves.

Shelving units can be a lifesaver for small apartments because they provide both décor and storage. Instead of cluttering closets or cabinets, or instead of using large, boxy furniture, open shelving units provide a cute, attractive, and space-maximizing way to store your items. You can place your shelves in an organized fashion, or you can zig zag them throughout your walls. Just remember to keep the shelving units void of clutter, and you will see a great space improvement throughout your home.



Office divider designs that help create a better office environment

The office environment varies from normal to tense because of work pressure. People try to create an ambience that is filled with fun and use eye pleasing characters so that it reduces the seriousness and tension that prevails in the office. Following is a list of some office divider designs that not only solve the purpose of privacy by separating workspaces, but also enhance the look of an office. Continue reading Office divider designs that help create a better office environment

Charismatic hotels created by design celebrities

If you are about to plan a vacation with your loved ones, or are about to leave for a business trip, here is a list of five most award winning hotels that have been especially and exclusively designed by celebrity fashion designers. These hotels are truly worth notice for their exotic and eye catching interiors and exteriors. Read further to know more. Continue reading Charismatic hotels created by design celebrities