Five most innovative companies in architecture

To practice architecture means providing services in connection with design and construction of buildings and the space within the site surroundings the buildings. While there are millions of architects around the world, some companies stand out with the sheer creativity and gumption of their designs. Here we look at five companies that have contributed quite creatively to architecture. Continue reading Five most innovative companies in architecture

Five most amazing office workspaces and cubicles

The modern employers understand that the productivity of the workers depend a lot on the work environment. To enhance the quality of the office you have to install appropriate cubicles or create workspace where the employees can work without any hindrance. Architects and designers are everyday coming up with innovative workspace and cubicle designs.

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The new industrial design revolution

Industrial design and its role in the business context have changed radically over the last decade. Its practice spans a wider range of skills including service design, user interaction design and corporate branding, and its role has become a powerful business tool which enables governments and enterprises to adopt game changing approaches to creating new products, services and environments. It is becoming an agent of change. It was similarly how IT was in the eighties which forced companies to evaluate how they operated and gave them an opportunity to streamline their business processes. By emphasizing the consumer experience, as well as providing a common language that binds organizations together to meet their future needs, industrial design has encourage more lateral collaboration across the business, and respond smarter and quicker to market changes. Design is now a key strategic business tool as opposed to its traditional place as a nice to have that sits outside the core thrust of the business.

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Big ideas in small spaces: proportion in design

The Chicago architecture foundation and the Ford Motor Company are all set to host an event together soon which will highlight small spaces can be utilized in a much better manner and more innovatively as well. This particular event will host a number of renowned automotive designers plus architects who will share their view and comments on how the beauty and functionality of small areas can be maximized by the creative. The designs that will come forth will be comfortable, beautiful and much more efficient than ever before. The event is titled as ‘Big ideas in small spaces’ and the panel in this event will include names such as John Gately from Jahn, Carlos Martinez from Gensler and the very known car designer and also the vice president of design and chief creative of Ford Group, J Mays.

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How exactly will 3D models revolutionize embedded system design?

The market of electronics is changing at a rapid pace and if you observe it closely then you’ll find that innovation is one of the most vital features that one looks in an electronic product these days. Developing and making the electronics for the forthcoming generation is a tough job to handle as innovation and advancement is on its peak and the designers have to surpass these standards in order to succeed in the highly competitive world of today. Among the technological changes that are ongoing now-a-days innovation certainly rules and you cannot expect a good market for an electronic that is sans innovation.

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Design and insecurity is back at Apple

Apple needs no formal introduction to anyone as it is one of the leading electronic brands in the market globally. Apple knows how to grab the limelight and it has been doing so quite frequently recently. Last year in September Apple launched its all new iPad mini and also revised a lot of its existing products all in one go. Apple was riding high on success that time and the shares of the firm stood at $700 for each share. Then Apple was nowhere in the news for about nine months which is definitely not normal for the company and in fact it is the longest that it has been off the grid.

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Airbus competition showcases new ideas for future aviation industry

Everything is changing with time and the young generation of today has a bunch of ideas to make everything better. The same was observed recently when students from all across the globe came up with their ideas on aircraft of the future. Some said that the aircrafts will be supplied with body heat and they will get their power from there while some said that there should aircrafts that use methane gas as the fuel for flying. There were many more such innovative ideas which came from students who belonged to various universities spread across the globe.

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