Perfect Pool Designs That Matches Your Lifestyle

Designing pools does not mean just a pool to bath in; it's a way of relaxation and to ease your tensions too. The swimming pool adds a significant value to our homes as well as allowing the family to spend invaluable time with each other. However deciding or designing a pool can be a cumbersome job. It usually is placed in the backyard of the

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Kitchen And Bath Design Trends Reveal Shift Toward Sophisticated Neutrals

The trend for grey has risen dramatically in the last three years, bringing a sense of chic sophistication to kitchens and baths. In fact, warm grey finishes have become the third-most popular color in remodels behind white and beige cabinet finishes. Today, in cabinetry, you can see shades of grey paired with pale blues, earthy tones and neutral finishes to create sleek, comforting color schemes

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The truth behind 30c ‘money-saving’ cycle

Do you contribute your bit in saving the planet? If yes, then you are doing a great job but you have to check that whether in the process you are not doing any harm to your own self as there are chances of that happening. For instance if you are reducing the temperature of your washing machine to say 30c in order to contribute to

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Arrival of Innovative Home Concepts


Every one wishes to have a sweet home where at the end of the day he can relax and have a wonderful night to spend. We spend maximum time and money for designing and decorating our home both in the interior and in the exterior part. As fashion changes with time, your couch set of 5 years are now obsolete, a new set of

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Seven sustainable homes recycled from shipping containers

With more and more people choosing sustainable ways to live, several newer types of accommodation have come into limelight. One of these includes the use of shipping containers. Since shipping containers are strong, heavy, big and spacious, it makes them seemingly indestructible. If you still think that shipping containers can’t make good homes, then you definitely need to check out this list of sustainable homes

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The top color combinations to avoid this year

Interior decoration of your home is serious business and you cannot afford to take it lightly. If you make one mistake then there are high chances that all the efforts you've put it can go to waste. There are many things that you need to take care while you are decorating your house as every nook and corner needs your attention. The walls needs color and the

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Five modular homes for modern nomads

Not all of us can stick to the same place. If life on the roads is what you prefer but do not want to let go off the comforts of a modern home, then the modular homes are just the best option for you. They can provide the facilities of a normal home but unlike them, you can carry them anywhere you like. The modern

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Six best prefabricated homes

Time is changing and with it, the old concepts about accommodation is also changing. The prefabricated houses are a nice way of celebrating the liberation from the old ways of building houses. The prefabricated houses come in parts and packages. You can assemble it yourself or get it done by some professionals. It can take a few weeks or even some months depending on the

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Curtains can change entire décor of the room

When it comes to window treatments, the ideas are as endless as one could imagine. Curtains are one of the most popular and common window treatments, which when used intelligently can dramatically enhance the decor of a room. When it comes to home decorating, homeowners should not underestimate the importance of curtains.  They are not just a means of blocking the sunlight covering the windows

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Gourdlight brings Halloween home in true African style

Fruit bowls came into being when humans first discovered that fruit and vegetables can be used for more purposes than simply satisfying hunger. Since then, we have been using carefully assorted fruits to serve as centerpieces at dinner settings or simply an accent piece that makes an empty side table look more played up. Oversized fruit like gourds and pumpkins have even been used us

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