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A Recipe to Cooking Up The Perfect Kitchen: Achieving Ergonomics & Style in 5 Simple Steps kitchen renovation melbourne

1.Function is key

There is no perfect kitchen shape. However, a kitchen must always be practical and ergonomic. Design a layout based on practicality – make sure your fridge is accessible and that your dishwasher doesn’t block any paths. Ample bench space is also a must. If you’re dealing with an old kitchen, consult the kitchen renovation experts in Melbourne who can help you re-design a stylish and convenient space.

Beautiful Fitted Kitchen In Modern House

2.Utilise natural light

Natural light is your friend! Unlike other areas of the house, overhead lighting alone is insufficient in kitchens. You need more than backlight, as you don’t want to cast a shadow over your workspace. Plan to have big windows and an open floor plan to make the most of natural light. If natural light is scarce, under-cabinet kitchen lights are a handy way to position light to fall in front of you.

3.Safety first

If you have a family or young children, safety is especially important to consider when designing your dream kitchen. Consider safe design elements such as rounded bench tops, ovens located at adult-height and slip-resistant flooring. It may also be worth considering positioning the kitchen with a good visibility of back yards and play areas.

4.Ensure there’s enough storage space

Having enough storage space is pivotal to a functional kitchen design. Design your kitchen so white goods such as microwaves, toasters and hot water jugs have a home, and make sure there is plenty of bench space for prepping meals. Put drawers wherever possible – they can store up to 30% more items than shelves. Pull-out pantries, hidden drawers and pull-out corner solutions are a crafty way to make the absolute most of the space available to you.

5.Push the style boundaries of your kitchen needs

Get creative and have fun with your kitchen design! Think about what you like preparing most – is it stovetop, oven or fresh meals? Cater your kitchen design to your needs, but allow for experimentation. Don’t forget there is a plethora of designs when making your kitchen your own; try some new designs with flooring, ceiling, splashback and lighting.

The kitchen is a meeting point for the whole household. It’s where you go to refuel, relax and converse. It’s your destination first thing in the morning and the last place before bed at night. Take heed of these 5 helpful tips to ensure you design the best kitchen for your family.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Mississauga A/C Repair Company

Owning a home is hard work and in order to be successful at it you will need to become familiar with the different systems in your residence. There are a number of different systems in your home and they will all require a high level of attention to keep them running the right way. As the weather outside gets hotter, the HVAC unit in your home will require more attention. The only way you will be able to get your unit repaired and maintained the right way is by hiring a professional. Here are a few things to consider when trying to find the right company to perform your air condition repair. Continue reading Things to Consider When Hiring a Mississauga A/C Repair Company

3 Signs You Need to Call in a Toronto Drain Clearance Professional

Trying to keep up with all of the repair issues that come up in your home can be a full time job and something most homeowner are not prepared for. In order to make sure that all of the systems in your home stay at their best, you will need to seek professional assistance. Among the most popular issues that you will have to face in your home will be related to the plumbing system. Here are a few signs that you need to call in a professional to deal with your drain plumbing Toronto issues. Continue reading 3 Signs You Need to Call in a Toronto Drain Clearance Professional

3 Ways to Save Money on Your Calgary Heating System Costs

One of the most important systems in any home is the heating. During the colder winter months, you will need to have your heating system running at peak condition. Among the most effective types of heating systems out there use furnaces to produce the hot air for your Aberdeen home. Just like any other type of heating system, you will have to keep your furnace system maintained. Neglecting to give your system the proper maintenance will lead to a number of negative consequences. The following are a few ways you can reduce the cost of running your furnace heating system. Continue reading 3 Ways to Save Money on Your Calgary Heating System Costs

Attention home buyers: Four key factors to consider when buying a home


The great Australian dream for many people is to one day have their names on the ownership papers of a home. Many people will save for years and work hard to ensure that they will one day be the proud owners of a slice of real estate pie in the suburbs. It’s an admirable dream and one that many people work towards, but what do you do to ensure that the home you end up buying is a great one, and that your money is going to the right place? It helps to have a checklist of things in place that you should do with every potential property that you inspect. That way you know that you’ll understand what could potentially go wrong with the property (perhaps giving you some valuable negotiating space) or you’ll understand what potential value the property has for growth. Let’s take a look at the top four factors to consider when you’re buying a new home.


What is your budget?

This is a handy one to know straight off the bat, and in addition to understanding how much you’re able to spend, it also makes sense to know how much wiggle room you have with rising to meet a certain price point. Knowing your budget is a great place to start with buying a house, and having the banks already engaged with negotiations will help you to get the ball rolling faster. Make sure you have a good relationship with your mortgage broker or your lender, as this will make everything that little bit easier, as well.


What location are you interested in?

When you’re buying a home there are a number of factors to consider that will impact on your choice. You need to figure out what area you’re going to be buying in, and to make this decision based on a few factors like access to public transport, airport access, highway access, proximity to schools and amenities, and other things like that. If you’re buying a home as an investment it need to be highly attractive to renters in order to get you a good return.


What condition is the home in?

A key part of any home purchase is getting a building and pest report done on your home in order to know the potential hidden dangers of your property. A friend of mine recently went to buy a unit and was ready to sign, but when the building and pest report came back there were a few issues, and it ended up costing the vendors the sale. She was just glad she’d dodged a bullet with the property! Check the roof, the ceiling and the property grounds for tree roots etc, because if your property will soon need a roof restoration it might end up costing more straight off the bat. Roof restoration in Melbourne is pretty common because of all the rain, and storm damage is common in Brisbane and Sydney, so make sure you know the potential pitfalls in every area.


What’s the area like?

Are there people roaming around aimlessly, or are there nice looking couples pushing babies in strollers with their dogs? The calibre of the area will depend a lot on the price that you pay for your property, so understand that if you’re not paying a lot for your property it may be a great deal, but you might be in an area that could be unsavoury or not what you expected! Once again if you’re buying for an investment property it pays to buy something that renters will be comfortable with.


I hope this information about buying a new home proves helpful for your purchasing process. Good luck!



How to seamlessly merge interior and exterior design

If you are anything like me, you have most probably been reading or even heard first hand about the benefits of using natural materials and bringing the outside into your interior design. Not only are natural materials more durable, but incorporating nature into your home can also have a calming effect on us. Research has shown that when people are walking through forests and nature versus urban areas, they were more relaxed.

Therefore, we’ve become more in tune to incorporating plants and natural lighting into our homes in order to design a more livable space for ourselves and also our families. I think it is important to combine interior and exterior design where possible, as although it can be dependent on the seasons, it is a benefit to our health and happiness that we spend more time outside. It is absolutely wonderful when we make the most out of being able to celebrate nature and be outside with our loved ones.

These days though, there is also a design revolution developing where people are bringing the interior design outside. Combining both their outdoor spaces with their indoor spaces allows a seamless transition from one room to another. It allows open movement from outdoors to indoors, and means we spend more time outside, as it is now finally being viewed as an extension to our home, or even an additional room.

I recently was approached by a new client in Melbourne who wanted to increase their property’s value by refreshing their interior design prior to putting their property on the market. Therefore, I thought it was the perfect time to utilise my design experience and try to not only bring the outside in, but bring the inside out. My aim was to try to merge these elements seamlessly and make buyers see the outside space as an additional room that isn’t necessarily restricted by the weather.

External Roof Blinds

With the location being in Melbourne, it was important to take into account all seasons, considering the weather unpredictability. The property already had a decking area with an extension from the roof which was made from treated timber, therefore I wanted to try to utilise these natural materials in my exterior design ideas. I took a number of different style inspirations from different areas, Japanese style being the main inspiration, as I find that Japanese style really balances the love for natural beauty but also brings the lifestyle outdoors.

Luckily for us, there was a tree already planted a metre away from the decking area, therefore it was the perfect opportunity to extend the decking area to fit around the tree and make it a feature of the outdoor space. It also looked splendid when we dressed the tree with fairy lights and Japanese-style hanging lanterns.

It is crucial to team these outdoor elements with home comforts, so I used natural tones when I purchased outdoor blinds in Melbourne and these worked well with the interior blinds in the adjacent room and also matched the outdoor cushions I reupholstered in a beige pattern for the outdoor furniture. The help of some mood lighting and an outdoor heater were the icing on the cake when it came to setting the atmosphere on a beautifully clear autumn evening.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the refresh of the interior and the exterior most certainly worked in unison to allow my clients’ prospective buyers to swan around the floor plan with great ease. The neural tones and the greenery worked well to give a calming feeling and a sense of freedom. Within the first hour of the open house, we had three offers; needless to say my clients were truly delighted, and I will definitely be utilising these techniques again in my next project.

Storage solutions once the kids have flown the nest

The kids are all grown up and they’ve finally decided that they want to move out of the family home to start a life all of their own. With all the emotional upheaval, this can be a tough time for parents, especially for those who are used to seeing and being with their children every day.


But once the move has taken place, and most of their possessions are in their new house, you’re often left with a bit of a mess and a lot of clutter still in their old room.


Ill-fitting clothes they don’t want, furniture that looks worse for wear and old school books that haven’t been used for years. There can be a lot to sort through once the kids have moved out, but where do you start?


According to a survey carried out by Lloyds TSB, three out of four parents are left to look after their children’s possession’s after they leave home, but is it easier to leave the clutter in their room in case they return? Should you put everything in the bin and turn the room into the dream dining room you’ve always wanted? Or maybe you want to put your child’s possessions into self storage instead?


Do you want to make the most of this new extra space you’ve acquired in the house? Let’s look at some storage options available to you.



Leave their room how they left it


Save for the essentials like removing any mouldy food or dirty plates, why not leave the room as they left it? What if they want to come home after a month because they couldn’t fend for themselves? It’s entirely up to you when you want to change the house for your own benefit. And they might need somewhere to stay at short notice. They certainly can’t stay in that new home gym you wanted to install.



Give away all clutter to charity


There are lots of incredibly worthwhile organisations that would appreciate some of the items young adults leave behind when they leave home. A lot of these could make a huge difference to the people that these charities support. And with parents chucking out an average of £285 worth of stuff when their children fly the nest, you’ll be doing your bit for charities to help people less fortunate.




Put their clutter into self storage

If you don’t want to put things in the bin or give away your child’s possessions to charity, there is another way; self storage. Putting items into self storage means you can reclaim the space in your home quickly and easily, without the worry of putting things in the bin that your child will want later, or having to make any rash decisions.


39% of young adults that move out of the family expect their possessions to be untouched, and certainly not recycled or given away to charity. Self storage is a solution to this issue, as you may even choose to store your child’s possessions at a self storage location close to their new home.


If you want to reclaim that spare room in your home but don’t have the space to store your child’s items, Safestore could help. Safestore offers self storage at a price that makes sense. Committed to bringing you a range of different options to suit every storage need, Safestore offers individual, clean, dry and secure storage that will keep your belongings safe from damage and theft all year round.