Five top gadgets presented at CES 2014

In the past few years CES had become the launching and promoting zone of the startups and new tech think tanks. This year, however, big names like Sony and Valve have stolen the show along with some big announcements from other tech giants like Samsung and LG. Even the independent projects surprised us pleasantly and heightened the quality of the annual tech fest. In the

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Five top Chinese android devices presented at CES 2014

CES is one of the most prestigious and awaited annual tech fest where different tech companies launch their products and make announcements about their new products. This year some of the most prominent Chinese tech stalwarts have announced their newest gadgets at CES.

Chinese tech products have changed the way we perceive technology. They have found ways of providing latest technologies within our moderate budget.

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Five best fitness trackers displayed at CES 2014

Tech giants have realized that there is a huge potential in fitness tracking devices that needs to be explored. In CES 2013, some good quality fitness trackers were launched but they failed to impress the tech gurus and even the common buyers. A survey done at the end of January 2013 shows that the health conscious Americans rely more on conventional and traditional ways of

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Five best green gadgets presented at CES 2014

CES is the most awaited annual tech fair organized in the first month of each year in Los Angeles. Techies and gadget freaks from all over the world converge here for witnessing the announcement and launch of new technologically advanced gadgets. Among the hundreds of astonishing new gadgets launched this year only a handful has been able to impress the hard-core environmentalists. Technology must take

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Top five laptops announced at CES 2014

This year’s CES was a huge hit as most of the biggest tech giants announced their newest tech products at this fest in the first half of January. Big names like Sony, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba have presented their upcoming laptops at this prestigious event, which will soon be available in the market. Despite of the advent of tablets and phablets, the demand of laptops

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Five most amazing business gadgets presented at CES 2014

CES is probably the most awaited and popular consumer electronics fest. Every year tech lovers celebrate the advancement of technology at this event in the beginning of January. This year not only the biggest tech giants but also the new tech startups have announced some surprisingly efficient business gadgets.

In the past few years, the tech companies have shown more interest in producing high-end business

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Top five wearable gadgets announced at CES 2014

Both established and new tech companies announced many wearable, smart gadgets at the CES 2014. Most of the wearable are health trackers that keep a tab on your heartbeats, movements, sleep patterns and count your burnt calories. There are also smart watches that synchronize with your smart phones and make your smart phone experience even better.

Sadly, most of these wearable devices are just concepts

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Top five stoner gadgets announced at the CES 2014

This years Consumer Electronics Show was a hit as more than one of the tech giants launched their innovative tech products there. The devices launched at the CES have impressed the techies, auto-lovers and software developers. Surprisingly, this year some amazing gadgets were launched even for the stoners who are prone to losing their memory and need a good place for enjoying their pot naps.

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Creative gadgets and apps to make texting easier

We make use of several gadgets and devices in our daily lives to make things easier for us. Everyday innovations are being released in the market that aims to improve functionality of certain things or help to improve usability. In the following section, we will look at some such unique innovations, which are exceptional and can help us in our daily lives.


Texthook –

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Innovations in designs of cell phones that have made life difficult

We constantly hear about how our lives have been made easier with cell phones . However cell phones have also managed to make the user’s life a little difficult owing to its vast range of innovative apps and uses.

Innovations in designs of cell phones that have made life difficult

There are 10 million users of cell phones and this number is ever increasing. Cell

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