Electric vehicles with eccentric designs

There is no dearth of innovation and imagination in the world. By putting in the best of creativity and imagination, and with the help of the state-of-the-art technology, some designers have come up with eco-friendly electric vehicles that have unconventional designs. It bodes well to say that the designs aren’t just eccentric just for the sake of being unusual, but they take the unusual face for a purpose. Click through to see some electric vehicles, which have unique designs: Continue reading Electric vehicles with eccentric designs

Movie cars that remain embedded in popular culture psyche

We all enjoy watching thrilling movies that just takes us to another world of fantasy and entertainment. The characters of the movies and the eye-catching cars take the movie to a new level of entertainment and often make it memorable. You see several scenes in movies where the hero is chasing the villain with an awesome high-speed car chase sequence that makes you go “wow.” Here are some cars designed for the movies that from various movies. Continue reading Movie cars that remain embedded in popular culture psyche

Five weird car dashboards

Gone are the days when the car dashboards were considered as mere control panels placed in front of the car driver. Ever since American car manufacturers began designing unusually shaped instruments on the car dashboards, there has been a spectacular change in the structure and style of these dashboards. Explore this article to know about some of the strangest car dashboards.

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Four old cars with whacky features

If you were to think of a car that was more than three decades old, then the image that your mind would conjure would be of a bulky car with some basic features, which are probably not even worth mentioning at all.  However, this is a far-fetched idea as it was not the case.  Here is a look at four such cool whacky features:

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Four astounding travel trailers to enjoy the outdoors

Whether you desire to explore the coastline or visit the magnificent national parks, travel trailers makes an ideal way to enjoy exciting outdoors. This type of excitement and joy comes easy, particularly when you are blessed with the luxury of such travel trailers. However, not every travel trailer is the same. These can be tinkered with, built from the ground up and are fully customized. It can be adjusted as per your specifications and needs. Below are four mind-blowing travel trailers that you can try for a worry-free travel experience. These include:

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