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Five incredible Airplane paint jobs

Have you ever experienced waiting eagerly on a tarmac while peeping out of the window for seeing an aeroplane with an unbelievably great paint scheme? Well this does not include regular liveries yet something truly colourful and creative. Airlines term this custom paint job as livery and often they are used to advertise or sponsor a company, charity, and cause or sports team. Below is a list of five cool airline paint jobs.

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A Ceramic Renaissance in Jiangxi

It was 2,000-year-old ceramics industry that put this Jiangxi province town on the world map and may have given China, the country, its name. Ceramic artists from all over the mainland are descending on Jingdezhen as the Jiangxi city, famed for its pottery tradition, enjoys a creative renaissance. Every Saturday, irrespective of the climate, the stone-paved courtyard of a half-century-old ceramics factory in Jingdezhen is abuzz with creativity. Here, each of some 30 pitched white tents houses the artistic creations of a budding potter. Aptly called the Creative Market, this is a bazaar at which some of China’s most original ceramics are showcased and sold.

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The most innovative stamps of 2013

Philately is an old and well known pastime. The collecting of rare and valuable postal stamps is a pastime that has occupied the minds of the common and the elite alike. Several monarchs such as the George VI, the King of United Kingdom, King Gustav of Sweden and King Carlos of Spain have been enthusiastic postal stamp collectors, spending large sums of money on acquiring unique and exotic stamps. The most expensive stamp in the world right now is probably the one cent British Guinea, valued at several million dollars in a recent auction where it went to the collection of a private collector. The USA prints several stamps every year to commemorate the anniversary of a great event or to honour a great person or to mark the start of some great program of public benefit. The most striking stamps of 2013 issued by the USA Postal Services are:

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Six amazing tallest statues in the world

Creating tall statues has been a way to represent not only the height of devotion for art work but also the quality of engineering required to construct them. The tallest of these statues are built in the ancient times. It is really surprising to believe the efficiency of the artists and the technology then. The Great Sphinx built by the ancient Egyptians is still considered as one of the tallest statues worldwide.

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Five amazing structures made using plastic bottles

Plastic has been blamed for pollution and increasing the amount of garbage. Worldwide survey reports show that plastic products are one of the primary substances that cause the enormous growth of landfills. It can block sewage system and cause water logging, disrupting the lives of inhabitants. The modern recyclers and environment lovers have started a crusade of making useful structures with plastic bottles for keeping the environment clean and safe. It is a back dated conception that structures have to be made of brick, mortar or wood. Natural disaster prone places can use plastic bottles for making usable structures that will not cause a huge loss even if they get demolished. Following are some of the best structures made from useless plastic bottles that would have been added to the amount of litter causing global pollution otherwise.

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