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Cool ideas for DIY photoframes

DIY lovers know how challenging but at the same time satisfying is it to create something on their own using exclusive ideas. Making long lasting photo frames that withstand the test of time and protect your photos is not that difficult, if you have the right idea and materials at your dispose. Continue reading Cool ideas for DIY photoframes

Surprisingly neat things made from vicious bullets

Bullets were invented to destroy and damage the intended objects. But have you ever thought that these destructive projectiles can ever be used to create things that will be beneficial? Following are some creative things made out of bullets that you would have never imagined. Continue reading Surprisingly neat things made from vicious bullets

5 Super impressive Lego creations for your dose of inspiration

Which is that one toy that finds most love? Of course it’s the tiny interlocking plastic building blocks that unlock a whole new world of creativity and style. The Lego toys are a product of the Lego Group in Denmark, founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen. Apart from being a children’s’ play toy, Lego is quite suited for any age group. They can also be used to create astonishing items that are extremely practical and useful, and intensely creative and skilful. Listed below are five of the coolest objects made from Lego. Take a look. Continue reading 5 Super impressive Lego creations for your dose of inspiration

Lovely paper origami and craft designs

Origami is a way of creating beautiful forms out of a piece of plain paper, it looks simple but the art is quite complicated to master. The recreational activity is very popular in Japanese culture, but recently it has been highly practised throughout the world. If you want to unleash your creative side, below are some amazing examples of paper origami and related designs. Continue reading Lovely paper origami and craft designs

4 Antique Objects That Can Add Greater Style to Your Home

In the modern day of flatpack furniture and mass-produced goods, it can be difficult to find that unique bit of flair that can help separate your living space from everybody else. Antiques though, those old relics of the past, are one surefire way to breathe new life into a place. Thanks to the craftsmanship that helped create them, and the years that have passed since they were produced, it’s very unlikely you’ll find the same antique piece you adopt in your home in that of anywhere else.

When it comes to choosing which pieces to collect and help furnish your home however, it can be a little tricky. Here are four suggestions then that can help accentuate your living space and bring it some much needed style.

Antique Clocks

Timepieces are a great accompaniment to any living space, from hallways, to lounges, kitchens and beyond.Take a look at some of the antique clocks you can find online; they can easily form an impressive centrepiece of any room in your house. Classic antique clocks are often one of the most popular antique items thanks to its prolonged popularity throughout many different periods. Victorian grandfather clocks often go well in hallways or other entrance areas of a home, whereas Georgian mantelpiece clocks go well with other antique furnishings, such as tables, desks or drawers.


Antique Chairs

A house always needs furniture that helps people to relax and sit-down and antique chairs, thanks to their durability and style, are a great way to facilitate that. Perhaps not the most practical of day-to-day furnishings, the antique chair is best reserved for dining areas that require a more formal setting or snugs or sitting rooms that want a more classical edge as opposed to a modern TV-watching space.

Antique Tables

Just like chairs, antique tables are another essential furniture piece that can really help distinguish a room or social space by its sheer presence alone. Whether used practically for dining situations or workspaces, antique tables have a lot of versatility, and, depending on craftsmanship, can be used day-to-day with little worry of damage. Get inspired with some antique tables’ decor examples here.

Oak tables are great considerations for a kitchen or dining room and offer durability, style and class suitable for a range of occasions.

Antique Silverware


Silverwareis a slightly less flashy antique item as it’s not usually on display as much as a table, chair or clock is. That’s not to say however, that silverware doesn’t inject the same level of intrigue to a space as the other aforementioned items. In fact, silverware can really help raise a room and its furnishing to a whole new level thanks to its contrast with smooth wooden surfaces.

Silverware also, has a very interesting antique history that differs between periods. Georgian silverware for example, is generally more elegant and ornate than early-Victorian pieces. What this means for the collector however is that silverware is very often a subtle but unique item that can help differentiate a space. If you are still not sure about your selection, check some tips to identify antique silverware correctly.

Antiques are a great way to help make your living spaces stand out and differentiate themselves. Although they’re often more expensive than modern counterparts the cost of investment, coupled with the charm they bring, is usually worth it.

Exceptional Artworks of the Year 2014

This article is purely for those who have a strong passion and desire to admire and appreciate art works. Here are five exclusive art inspired works displayed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, a three-day festival organized every year at the Colorado Desert in California. All the enlisted works of art will truly leave you feeling amazed and surprised. Continue reading Exceptional Artworks of the Year 2014

The most unusual artworks ever

For centuries, unique and innovative artworks have been mesmerizing the world. The artworks include paintings, sculptures, and many other creations. Various beautiful designs and concepts of artworks are becoming an inspiration for many artists. On the other hand, some unusual and unexpected artworks such as monuments, statues and sculptures displayed in public parks and other places of interest are gaining attention and popularity for their unique design:

Continue reading The most unusual artworks ever