Four most prominent architectural ages

Architecture is a world heritage craft that has been going on since the times of the earliest civilisations.  Each architectural age has influenced and shaped the subsequent age, for instance, the Egyptian architecture inspired the Greeks and the Greeks inspired the Romans and so on.  Here are four prominent architectural ages that have shaped our present structures.

1. Neolithic Architecture

The Neolithic Architecture dates back

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World’s four most luxurious apartments

Luxurious houses may be a distant dream for most, yet they are a reality for a few lucky people, provided they invest and select their abode carefully to transform it into their dream home. Here are some houses that have been built exclusively to the fantasies and whims of the pampered and the rich, with each apartment providing a beautiful scenic landscape.  There is no

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Imaginative Studio Apartments We Did Not Know Existed

What individuals don't understand is that occupants don't live in little spaces since they need to, but since we need to. We realize that with a little cunning and a considerable measure of imagination, it’s not difficult to make a 500 square foot studio feel like a 1,000 square foot two-room condo.

One –bedroom Loft

With such a variety of imaginative individuals around attempting to

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Four awesome homes built underground

With the swelling populations of countries, it seems like we will have to draw some inspiration from the dwelling of the Hobbits to accommodate the growing numbers.  Man first started living in caves and over the times, we have realised how eco-friendly it is to live in “earth homes”.  Here are four amazing underground homes that will probably inspire you to go underground too!


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The Top architectural wonders of the modern world

The seven wonders of the world have been inspired by the top architectural constructions made in the past centuries. Nowadays sculptures are imbibed with the passion to create different kinds of designs and shapes. What makes it different from the rest is the way in which they think of different modes of creativity.

The different wonders of the world consist of structures form Giza, Rome,

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Top building designs of 20th Century

Casa Mila

This is an Apartment building located in Barcelona Spain. The design has been inspired by the Discovery caves made by Gaudi.

The Chrysler building New York

This is a building which ha the exterior made of stainless steel. There are Art decorations and repeated motifs in the shape of triangles. The building has been built for car manufacturers and was a roaring construction

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Modern Ideas with Portico

The portico idea is very loveable. What is a portico? A portico is the Italian name for a porch which leads to the entrance of the building.This type of design could only be seen in the western countries, but now it is equally popular worldwide. Many office buildings are also opting for it!

Furnishing the portico

A portico is usually considered as a place where

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Designs with an Edge

There so many ways to make your home or building classy and edgy. But keep in mind that the designs can be easily maintained and repaired from time to time.

Choosing the perfect material

A wonderful combination of solid dark colors and neural light colors make the interior as well as the exterior stands out. Add some wood work or wooden geometric patterns to create

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Designs of the Ancient Ages that are an Inspiration to Modern Architecture

Architectural designs are of prime importance in any building and designers are very often inspired by the ancient concepts. It changes the whole outlook of the structure.

Inspiration from the Indian Designs

Many designers are now using the ancient Indian stepwell or Baoli design. One has to create a deep pool inside the base of the modern building that reduces the heat by evaporation of

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Five most astonishing subways around the world

Generally, we associate subway stations with busy people and rush. No one can really imagine a subway to be a place of sophisticated architectural beauty. However, there are some subways around the world that will amaze you by there classy and stylish appearances. In the following, we have listed five of the most astonishing and stunning subways that you should visit at least once in

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