Remarkable examples of lightweight house construction

We do not come across a lightweight house that has qualities like being sturdy, compact, efficient, and low-impact very often. Here are five amazing designs of lightweight houses that are unique and innovative in many ways.
Floating House
The Floating House can be seen serenely moored to an island on Lake Huron, Canada.  Designed by MOS Architects, this double storey house actually has steel pontoons

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Peculiar yet lively houses that can mesmerize you

A house is the biggest asset and holds a very sacred place in our lives. Everyone dreams of a lovely house full of all the facilities and comfort where they would spend some really memorable and lovely moments with family. For some, their entire life revolves around their treasured shelter.Well you might have seen different types of houses from big to small, to extremely luxurious.

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Futuristic architectural ideas that thrill and awe

A true architect is one who has the capability to look into the future with creativity and knowledge. Innovative designs and foreseeing the conditions of environment is what determines the true innovative quality of an architect.  The future holds various uniquely created structures that will make us completely stun with their great designs.  Here are some futuristic designs that make you star stuck out of

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Buildings that are making their mark on the year

Everybody is fond of innovation and improvements that are taking place in the country on a big scale. As the time passes by, we see new and better advancements taking place around us in various fields. Because of rapid technology changes and modernization, we have seen many innovations that were beyond our imagination. Likewise, very soon we will see few big innovations in the field

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Pioneering skyscrapers that we will see in the future

With the moving world and changing technologies we are able to see many of the spectacular innovations that would have earlier been consigned to fantasy. These innovations have made our life easier and simpler. One such brilliant innovation is the massive skyscrapers from across the worlds, built to provide the best for us, and will mark their existence very soon. Here are the top five

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Amazing Architectural Projects That Are Under Construction

Of late, we have seen some of the most amazing architectural marvels; however, these inspirational architectural works, ranging from a military academy to an opera house, redefine the norms of architecture and building type. Here are five such groundbreaking projects:

LVMH Museum

Designed by Gehry Partners, this stunning museum is being built in Paris, France. Spread across an area of 11, 705 square meters, it

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Five most adorable houses that used to be something entirely different

We usually put a lot of effort in constructing the house of our dream. We try using various new designs and styles to make it the best and unique from others. Likewise, there are many houses throughout the world that used to be something else and later were converted into impressive residential houses. Here we present you a short list of five most renowned and

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Architectural Marvels Located at Waterfronts

Waterfront homes are gorgeous as they embrace wide-open stretches of land or water and have idyllic views. Many architects, when building on the waterfront, try to use the minimalist approach as they want to preserve the natural spaces and do not wish the manmade structures to take the attention away. There are many examples of modern homes that are built on stunning water locations, here

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Extraordinary concept bridges that highlight what the urban landscape could be

Bridges have always been an important part of our modern construction, and more specifically they have been extremely helpful in this age of increased transportation and mobility. In fact, the history of bridge construction dates back to the history of human civilization. Bridge designs often spark the imagination, and as such can often be a favorite with designers and architects. Here we see some of

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Concept bridges that will completely blow your mind

Bridges have always been a part of our fascination right from the childhood when we first saw them. Modern day bridges are superbly designed and strongly structured, incorporating ideas like steel ribbons, multiple levels, blades and more to give them the most enchanting look ever. These are not merely bridges but a very creative and innovative construction that takes away your heart.

Entwined Ribbon Bridge,

August 29th, 2014 0 comments Architecture

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