Carzor: The card-shaped razor that lazy boys have been waiting for

Carzor-Card Shaped Razor & Mirror

Are you plagued by rapid facial hair growth? Do you need to shave two or more times a day to keep the five o’clock shadow at bay? Are you too cheap to invest in a quality electric shaver to counter your malady? Then Carzor is just what the (quack) doctor ordered for you. The card-shaped razor and mirror combo is aimed at the heavy facial growth population and looks to provide an easy, on-the-go shaving experience for men. The ready-to-use shaver comes fitted in an ergonomic, modular card shape that can be easily carried in your wallet.

The ATM/credit card-sized razor is fitted in a sleek card and can be removed easily. The other side of the card features a uniquely shaped mirror which lets you get your grooming done anywhere, anytime. The Carzor also comes with two slots for extra blades in case you get too shave-happy.

This $12 razor comes with a neat little “freshening” stick attached to the face of the razor that “irrigates” the skin and leaves users with a pleasant aroma on their faces. The manufactures say that the instant razor is aimed at men that don’t always have the time to shave before they leave home, and having a razor in their wallets would allow them to finish their groom regimen wherever they find a bathroom.

Via: InfMetry

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