Cars immortalized as furniture: Meet Autoart

car furniture nHwzW 58

Steve Heller is a self-confessed ‘car freak’ (something that he has inherited from his father) and when that trait is combined with his dexterity with metal and wood, the results are bound to be remarkable. The Autoart section on his website Fabulous Furniture is full of amazing pieces of functional art that draw inspiration form cars in one way or the other. Steve has built chests, tables, bars, entertainment units, beds and dressers that reflect his love for cars. All of his pieces are amazingly detailed and beautifully crafted. Working from his studio in Boiceville, NY, Steve has churned out stunning pieces of wood and metal that are a treat for the eye. For any and every car lover – who just cannot get enough of his/her ride – these pieces are a mandatory addition to daily decor. Head to his site for ordering info and check out images of his brilliant creations in the gallery which follows after jump.

Via: Fabulousfurnitureon28

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