Carbon fiber cellphones to ensure a sturdy chatter

A wide variety of inexpensive alloys such as plastics or aluminum are used to fabricate the body of a mobile phone, so their manufacturing costs are less. But today more manufacturers are turning towards the expensive carbon fiber to manufacture their top-notch mobile phones. Carbon fiber sheets are produced by twisting thin strands of carbon. The sheets are then molded into suitable shapes and hardened using a resin coating process. What makes carbon fiber so special? Carbon fiber is around five times stronger and weighs considerably lesser than steel, making it an extremely strong and lightweight material that can withstand maximum impact with minimal damage. Apart from that, carbon fiber has the combined good looks of being elegant and sporty at the same time. Check out these popular carbon fiber mobile phones right now.

LG Black Label Series

LG has recently introduced the new “Black Label” series of carbon mobile phones which includes the Chocolate, the Shine and the Secret models. All of these models are a part of LG’s premium range of high-end mobile phones. These phones come with a durable carbon fiber backing that is scratch resistant and stylish at the same time. The Black Label mobile phones flaunt a sleek design and offer advanced features such as a high quality 5 megapixel camera, high speed 120 fps video recording, auto rotating display, integrated Google package and touch navigation.

Nokia 8800

Nokia has announced a new entry to its Arte series, the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte. The jazzed up Carbon Arte slider phone consists of panels of carbon fiber on both its front and back surfaces, along with titanium, stainless steel and polished glass. This stylish mobile phone features a large in-built memory space of 4GB and is a Europe-based tri band GSM phone, so unfortunately it will not be fully usable in the United States.

Tag Heuer Racer

Tag Heuer, the leading Swiss watchmakers have come up with their latest carbon fiber mobile phone, the Racer. As its name clearly implies, this luxurious smartphone’s design is inspired by GT and Formula 1 race cars. This Android-based mobile phone is featured in a shockproof case made of carbon fiber and titanium and boasts of a 3-Dimensional interface and a high-speed processor. The Tag Heuer Racer mobile phone is expected to be available at top class mobile shops and jewelry stores this July.

Motorola Droid RAZR

Motorola’s new carbon fiber mobile phone is the fancy looking Droid RAZR, code named as the “Spyder.” The Droid RAZR mobile phone is an android-based model featuring a sturdy casing made of a mix of carbon fiber and metal. This sleek mobile phone is just 7.1mm thick making it easily the thinnest and lightest of its league. The Droid RAZR is runs on a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and has a massive 16 GB storage capacity. This amazing phone sports an 8 megapixel HD camera and a 4.3 inch AMOLED touchscreen display toughened using Gorilla glass and Kevlar fiber. Motorola will be collaborating with Verizon to offer the Droid RAZR phone in the United States.

Vertu Constellation Quest

Vertu, one of the leading manufacturing companies of high-end mobile phones has recently launched its carbon fiber mobile, named the Constellation Quest. The Constellation Quest mobile phone is inspired by the motorsport and aeronautical design industry and is a fine blend of smartphone technology and contemporary design. This luxurious mobile phone features a matte finish black PVD body along with detailing in either 18-karat gold or polished stainless steel. The navigation key, turnkey, flash and lens on this phone are finished using polished black PVD forming a design similar to a constellation and hence the name.

Gresso Grand Monaco

Gresso, a popular luxury mobile phone company in Russia has launched the Grand Monaco, a carbon mobile phone inspired by the Formula 1 racing. The Grand Monaco mobile phone case’s front and rear panels are made up of carbon fiber material, while rest of the case is composed of titanium super alloy. A polished 42k sapphire crystal glass protects the display screen of the mobile phone. The keypad is made of a single piece of solid 100 micron polished steel. The Grand Monaco phone offers features such as a 2 megapixel camera, around 5 hours of talk time and 3G connectivity. Gresso has announced this model in two variants, Metallic Ceramic Black Carbon and Black Ceramic Black Carbon.

BlackBerry Bold Touch Dakota/Montana

Research In Motion (RIM)’s new Blackberry Bold Touch, codenamed as Dakota and Montana sport a fresh new carbon fiber style instead of the Blackberry’s usual classic leather look. These sleek and svelte carbon fiber mobile phones will function on OS 6.1 with a 1.2 GHz processor and carry 8 GB of storage space. Blackberry’s latest Bold Touch mobile phones Dakota and Montana will feature a 2.8 inch wide display, a 5 megapixel HD camera, a GPS, a magnetometer, a proximity sensor, a NFC, an accelerometer and Wi-Fi with mobile hotspot. It is said that Sprint will be joining hands with RIM to offer these stylish mobile phones in the United States.

Vertu Ascent Ti

Vertu has recently launched its Ascent Ti carbon fiber mobile phone, inspired by the top-notch sports cars. This luxurious mobile phone is finished with high-performing carbon fibers and resin making it extremely lightweight yet totally scratch-resistant. The Ascent Ti mobile phone has an 18-bit color display protected by a sapphire crystal screen and a chassis made of non-corrosive titanium. This carbon fiber mobile phone features a 2 inch wide LCD, a 3.15 megapixel camera and 4GB of storage space.

Chairman Cellphone by Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin, a popular Swiss watchmaking company has released the Chairman, a luxury carbon fiber mobile phone. The Chairman mobile phone’s star feature is the presence of a moving rotor to supply extra power to the phone that is the same kind of rotor used in the watches produced by Ulysse Nardin. This is believed to stretch the battery life of the Chairman mobile phone. This carbon fiber mobile phone features a 3.2 inch wide touch screen made of scratch-proof sapphire crystal, an 8 megapixel camera, a whopping 32 GB of storage space and a thumbprint reader for custom unlocking. The Chairman mobile phone is the only Android phone to have a physical numerical keypad.

Samsung Vibrant

Samsung has recently unveiled its latest entrant, the Vibrant mobile phone with carbon fiber casing. The Samsung Vibrant sports a sleek design and is ergonomically lightweight. The Vibrant smartphone runs on a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor making it a really quick phone and features a 4-inch wide Super AMOLED touch screen with 800 x 480 pixel resolution. This stylish mobile phone also has a sharp 5 megapixel camera to take great pictures.

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