Carbon fiber accessories for sturdy computing

If you are a carbon fiber lover and are looking for accessories for your computer, then you will find this article quite interesting. Carbon fiber PC accessories such as head phones, mouse, keyboard or mousepad have longer life than the usual ones. They are light weight and easily portable. The production cost of carbon fiber is very high and hence, its products are quite expensive. But due to their weight-to-strength ratio and heat dissipating features they are appreciated by a number of consumers. Here is a list of 10 carbon fiber computer accessories that you might like.

Carbon Fiber Magic Mouse

If you are using a Magic mouse, you may have met with problems where your fingers did not glide as easily as you expected them to, leading to inaccurate clicks and swipes. To overcome this problem, your magic mouse is given the carbon fiber treatment. In this process, the carbon fiber adds a textured weave to the surface of basic magic mouse. This allows your fingers to swipe easily thereby enhancing the performance of the mouse. High quality vinyl is used to give a distinct look to the mouse. You can get the existing magic covered by carbon fiber or you can also choose a brand new one that matches your style. This carbon magic mouse is available in black, white, graphite or silver colors.

Ultra eXo Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Computer Case

If you are a carbon fiber fan and wish to have a high-end Case then you can go for Ultra exo Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Computer Case. Aluminum and carbon fiber, which are used in building the Case act as heat dissipating materials. This Computer Case offers front and rear 120mm fans, a side panel air duct for the CPU, a side panel VGA vent and TAC compliant vents. It also allows you to add a number of hard drives and optical disk drives to your PC assembly. Because of its light weight, it can be easily carried to a LAN party. Though this computer case is expensive, it is worth purchasing.

InduDur: First carbon-fiber keyboard

These carbon fiber keyboards are first of its kind, which offers a high degree of durability. The front-panel of the keyboard is built from carbon fiber, thereby making the keyboard lightweight. It also provides non-removable stainless steel caps for the keys on the board. Epoxy resin has been used with the integrated trackpad, which extends the life of the keyboard. You can choose the keyboard from three attractive finishes- mat carbon black, high gloss carbon black and high gloss carbon silver.

Carbon Fiber and Leather Mousepad

Ion Factory, which is the maker of carbon fiber and leather iPhone cases, has come up with other inventions- Carbon fiber and leather Mousepad. This mousepad features a twill carbon fiber pattern, which enhances the performance of an optical mouse on its surface. The base of the pad is wrapped with fine quality leather and also has an Ion logo embossed on it. You can also buy a full carbon fiber mousepad which is larger and a bit costlier than the leather mouse pad.

Carbon fiber 360 controller

This pretty 360 controller is presented by MueMue of Germany. He worked on the shell of an extra wireless controller and transformed it in to a carbon fiber case. This controller has two inbuilt 1100mAh cells which replace the original battery pack.

Sleek Audio SA7 Carbon Fiber Headphones

If you are on the search for headphones that lasts longer then you can buy this sleek Audio SA7 Carbon Fiber Headphones. They look as pretty cool as they appear in the photos. The sleek headphones are built using military grade aluminum and carbon fiber. Shock absorbent silicone protects both the drivers and makes them last longer.

Silverstone Raven Carbon Fiber Mouse

This eye-popping design was invented by Silverstone Company which is popular for its computer cases. The Raven carbon fiber mouse matches very well with the carbon fiber mousepad. This mouse is specifically designed for gaming. Carbon fiber finely covers the palm rest area of the mouse. A big scroll wheel comes off the left hand side which gets lighting up blue. The little OLED screen has the laser DPI setting. Regular users other than people playing games find it difficult to adjust the DPI on fly. But for people who play, it is very easy to move fast from one point to another. It is really an amazing mouse.

Gresso Grand Monaco USB

If you have a heart for racing, then the Gresso Grand Monaco USB drive should be your cup of tea. This type of portable data storage device follows the mechanism of the luxurious Gresso Formula 1-inspired cellphones. Grand Monaco includes two flash drives that stores files from independent data sources. The classic drive is square shaped ultra slim design and is available up to 32 GB memory capacity that costs you around $300 while the 8GB and 16 GB Classic Grand Monaco costs you at $150 and $200 respectively. These flash drives are made from titanium super alloy and high-tech ceramic.

Carbon Fiber Joystick

This custom controller carbon fiber Joystick is eye catching and impressive. This stick is built with dual circuitry system for greatest compatibility. It performs well on all sorts of platform. The play components are designed from Seimitsu. Since it is covered with carbon fiber, it is lighter and weighs 4lbs. This joystick has a longer life when compared to others.

Carbon Fiber 2 Doodle Pc Speakers

Doodle by OrigAudio is the first creative custom portable speaker. It is light weight and is covered by a printed fabric. A kickstand supports the speaker. You can connect this to your computer through a USB cable or you can use 2 AAA batteries. The speaker is also supplied with a 3.5 mm headphone jack that matches with any music device. Because of its light weight, you can easily carry it anywhere.

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