Canon DSLR mocks with a wooden touch

wood canon v8DMz 5784
Here’s the most interesting hobby idea for photographers who would love to try their hand at craft too. A DIY kit of Canon helps buffs to shape a mock-up version of the Canon DSLR camera. The whole woody camera is supposed to be made of balsa wood that will help to keep it light in weight and durable too. Though it seems to be a simple DIY kind of task, the whole process of drawing, cutting and pasting to precise perfection seems to be too daunting.

Design Status:
This wood model is up on the Canon’s Camera Museum site.

wood canon 1 mPYSO 5784
Such a DIY wooden Canon cannot capture images like its functional DSLR counterparts, but it will add on to the collection of photography memorabilia. Though the product site is illustrative with step-by-step instructions, it doesn’t seem to be an easy task for every layman. I believe it has more to do with creative minds and artistic fingers that can put up the whole wooden camera with ease and of course expertise.
wood canon 2 kadeN 5784

Via: Crave

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