Camalien watch can sport different colors just like the reptile it’s named after

Inspired from the much spoken about newt that changes the color of its skin, the exterior of this watch also bears a spotty mesh-like pattern, just like the one you see on reptiles. You will surely dig this design if you’re fond of these creepy crawly creatures or at least their skin. Other striking features of the watch are that it can change its color, just like the lizard it is named after, and has a camera embedded inside. The watch basically looks like a thick band. Its reptilian skin is actually made of multi hued LEDs arranged in a honey comb like pattern.

Camalien LED watch

Funky girls and guys who have the mettle to sport flashy pieces will love the design. Moreover, the watch will go with outfits of different colors. The watch tells the time in a press of a button and that too in different formats. It can tell time in the HH/MM as well as the MM/DD mode. The LEDs light up in the shape of numbers to display the time. The time display pulsates in the same color as its background, thus imitating a chameleon. The watch is quite entertaining and is capable of animated feats when set in different modes.

The assimilation mode makes the time display acquire the color of its environment while the time pulse mode makes the entire display obtain the color of its environment along with overlay of the time. In the wordstream mode, the watch can post messages, when linked to either smartphones or computers via Bluetooth or USB respectively. The composition mode can sport different geometric patterns like dots, circles or stripes.

The response mode is a lot of fun and makes the watch give messages associated to the colors in its environment. The capture mode allows you to record colors from any surface by holding the watch in front of it and pressing the button for about two seconds. When in Swarm mode, the watch connects with other similar watches and all of them either throw up the same display color or any other pre-designed program.

Via: Tokyoflash

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