Calatrava Chess Set has pieces crafted after building designs

calatrava chess set 01

Drawing inspiration from architectural designs of Santiago Calatrava, designer Thomas Perrone, a student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, has created an innovative chess set dubbed the “Calatrava Chess Set” that depicts the unique structures by the Spanish-born Architect as chess pieces, giving a new dimension to the classic game. Developed in collaboration with Jason Mouser, the chessboard resembles the Reggio Emilia Stationto accommodate the Tenerife Concert Hall in the form of Pawn, the Valencia Opera House as Rook, the Communications Tower as Knight, the 80 South Street Housing as Bishop, the Fordham Spire as Queen and the Turning Torso as King. The architectural details of these famous structures have been followed minutely to engrave them neatly on the pieces. Moreover, the architectural models influence the color pattern of the chessboard.

calatrava chess set 02
calatrava chess set 03
calatrava chess set 04
calatrava chess set 05
calatrava chess set 06
calatrava chess set 07
calatrava chess set 08
calatrava chess set 09

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