BYD debuts new RC enabled Qin dual mode electric vehicle

Bǐyàdí Qìchē, or as we better know it the BYD Auto Co., Ltd has chosen the 2012 Beijing International Auto Show as the venue for unveiling its brand new EV. The vehicle features a better F3DM system than the one the first generation of the technology came with which allows the vehicle to clock in better energy saving and perform up to seven percent better in pure EV mode.

Dual-mode electric Qin vehicle

The more efficient and more powerful dual-mode electric vehicle is dubbed Qin (pronounced as “Chin”) and according to BYD, its 1.5 Turbo engine and 110KW electric motor allows it to output 440Nm of torque and 223KW of power in hybrid mode. On a single 10KWh charge, the vehicle can last up to 31 miles.

But what makes the vehicle really appealing and user friendly is the fact that BYD have fitted it with a cutting edge tech like a smart cloud system platform that allows it to make full use of a bunch of services like video and music downloads, remote monitoring, vehicle positioning, roadside assistance, cloud-computing, telematics, etc. 24 hours a day.

Dual-mode electric Qin vehicle

A variety of driving functions are also provided by the F3 Plus including a new Remote Driving Controller that can tell the vehicle to travel at a “restricted speed,” turn left / right or move forward / back without the owner being physically present inside the Qin. We’re not sure why we would like our vehicle to have such RC capabilities but we know we’d like to have the option of being able to do so open for us!

Via: Engadget

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