Business Card Holder made out of recycled Yellow Pages

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Another fresh attempt at recycling paper. The name of the item would give a clear idea about what the product is. 394 Yellow Pages Business Card Holder and Picture Stand. It’s a business card holder that can double as a picture stand and is made out of old and redundant Yellow Pages directory. Simple. For those of you who are confused about the ‘394’, approximately 394 pages of the directory have been used for this.

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The making is pretty simple too. The directory has been trimmed, rolled up, and inserted into a chromed steel tube. The metal adds a jazz to the otherwise plain item. You can use it to display photos, business cards, memos, notes, envelopes or whatever. They just need to be inserted among the pages of the directory to keep them standing straight. Nothing eye-catchy, but cute all the same.

Source: Core77/ Mocoloco

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