Bus Stop Symbiosis: An interactive seating arrangement for the waiting

busstopsymbiosis 1
Creating temporary structures for public space is probably one of the toughest design assignments when it comes to outdoor utilities. However, Like Architects overcame the challenge to design Bus Stop Symbiosis as part of ADDICT 2010 to win the first prize in the artistic intervention category. The design is a pleasant break from the boring monotony of ordinary bus stops. By using a different seating arrangement, the designers have been able to create an interactive relationship between the user and temporary structure.

busstopsymbiosis 2
Apart from creating an unusual space for the waiting passengers to sit the curvaceous form of the bench, the design also helps entertain the by-passers and leaves them amazed. It certainly is an improvement over the existing public structures and makes them more engaging.

busstopsymbiosis 4
busstopsymbiosis 6
busstopsymbiosis 5
busstopsymbiosis 3
busstopsymbiosis 7
busstopsymbiosis 8
busstopsymbiosis 9

Via: ArchDaily

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