How to build a retractable fence?

DIY retractable fence

The concept:

Fences not only define the boundary of your abode but also add to its beauty. And along with a fence also comes enhanced security and relief from the prying eyes of your neighborhood. But, sometimes it may interfere with your enjoyment when you want to spend a lazy afternoon with your family and neighbors. For such times a retractable fence, which can be set aside is an excellent choice and what could be better than doing it yourself. So, here we have some help for you so you can have a retractable fence that never comes in the way.

Difficulty Level:

Moderate (Requires basic knowledge)

Time required:

Depending upon the length of the area you are planning to fence, your working speed and the availability of the tools to be used in this DIY project, it can take up to a few hours to a few days to come up with your personal retractable fence.

Estimated cost:

Once more, the cost of the project depends on how long the fence is going to be and the material you would be using to make it. If you are looking to complete the project with a minimum of investment, then steel rods would be the perfect choice. However, here we would be using wood, since there is nothing better and beautiful than a well constructed wood fence. In addition to that wood bears weight and can withstand high pressure from the winds making it an ideal material for a retractable fence.

The tools:

1. Wooden stakes measuring 4’x3’x10″

2. Duplex nails ( such nails have two heads, which makes it easier for you to remove them at any time). In case you don’t find them you can also opt for deck or drywall screws, which are equally easy to extract.

3. A hammer if you decide to go with the nails or a screwdriver for the screws.

4. Electric wood planer

5. Electric drill machine

6. Electric saw

7. Steel bolts and nuts

8. Detachable hinges

The design process:

Step 1: Making fence posts

First of all decide on the area where you will be putting up the retractable fence and how high you want the fence to be, anything with a width of about 6-8′ and a height of 4′ is considered to be the best. Choose a log with four corners and cut out three pieces of wood measuring 10″ in length. Once you have the three pieces join all of them with the corner of the post similar to that of a tripod at a distance of 6″ from the corner of the post.

Step 2: Making retractable pieces for the fence

If you are planning to maintain a distance of 6′ between each pole, then you would need 12 pieces of wood, each of them flat and 3′ wide. Once you have these pieces ready, drill holes in them, two on both the ends and one right at the middle, which would be at 18″. Using the electric wood planer smooth out the surface of the wood.

Step 3: Joining the wood pieces

Take two pieces of wood so you can join them in the shape of ‘X’. One of the pieces would be on the top while the other would be at a distance of 30″ from the top of the pole. Now you can use the steel bolts and nuts to join these pieces together from the middle and also make it retractable. Repeat the same with the rest of the pieces.

Step 4: Joining another Pole

For doing so, take the wooden piece and join one of its edge on the top of the pole and the other one at a distance of 30″ from top using the nut and bolt.

Step 5: Joining the poles

Here we would use the detachable hinges to join the poles together to make it either long or square. For better strength use two detachable hinges at each end. Separate the hinges and screw up one part at one end of the pole while the other at another pole, so they can later be joined. Repeat the process at the other side of the pole as well. While screwing up the hinges make sure that you screw the right part of the hinge together or else it wouldn’t work.

Quick tips:

1. To save time it would be best to make the poles first and then the wood pieces for them.

2. Using electrical equipments will further save your time and lower your work burden.

Things to watch out for:

Although the project is not that difficult, the tools used in the project such as the nails, electric saw mill, drill machine and hammer demand your complete attention throughout the project. Therefore, try to be a little attentive while on this DIY project and keep small children away from the working area to avoid any unwanted incidents.

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