Build a floating magnetic bed without breaking sweat

The thought must have surely crossed your mind and yes it is possible to build a floating bed yourself. You will need to invest a little moola, and spend some time building it, but the effort, more or less, will be worth it all. And if you’ve got some tools, handy carpentry skills, and a cool $1000 to spare, then you can start right away.

Maglev Bed

Levitating beds require a lot of power and just any ordinary magnet will not do. What you need is an extremely powerful and strong magnet. Neodymium magnets would work best for this design. You will obviously be plugging these rare earth magnets under the bed. But watch out while you are building this berth as these magnets can be quite dangerous if not handled properly.

Also, plan the frame of the bed carefully around the magnets and keep in mind that such a bed can drift away easily. Avoid this by tying it down with a sturdy steel cable. Once tethered, the bed will float in its place rather magically, giving people sitting on it a feeling that they are hovering in mid air. The bed can bear the weight of about 250 pounds. So, even hefty people can jump into it without thinking twice.

Via: Gizmodo/ Hackaday

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