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BUFO is a solar powered cleaner for your pool

Pools require periodical and intensive maintenance. Keeping all the requirements for cleaning in mind, Industrial and interaction designer Shaofei Xu has crafted a clever gadget. After studying various concepts as well as theories and also after analyzing available pool cleaning equipment, the designer came up with an ingenious setup. The design of this pool cleaner is inspired from the shape of the Sunfish that has a flat body and tosses from side to side to absorb sunlight adequately.

BUFO Consumer Pool Cleaner

All fittings in the solar powered gadget are utterly neat. There are photovoltaic panels, an external power socket and a battery powered indicator slotted behind the machine. While, its battery compartment is located on the top. The water jet propulsion nozzles on the front clean effectively while the debris gets stored in the unit below. Moreover, its electric cable and wall socket are fitted on the top half that floats above water. As they never come in contact with water, the chances of electric shock are minimized greatly.

The BUFO cleaner works like breeze. Firstly, the machine glides smoothly around on its front wheels and foam filled rear legs. With the rear legs, the cleaner can climb walls while its front wheel can sense when it’s about to hit a wall. Thus, the pool cleaner can move around easily without getting into any hazard. The locking mechanism in the device bonds the skimmer and main vacuum together so that it can be carried around easily.

The cleaner charges up by soaking solar energy when it is not being used. To power up the device, one only has to leave it out in open and sunny conditions. The equipment has an automatic cleaning system and it can skim the surface as well as the bottom of the pool very easily. The bottom of the pool is scoured by the underwater unit. The users can unlock the device with the trigger, which can be operated by implementing easy steps like release, retract and lock.

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