Buffalo USB Hub connects a USB cord facing either way

Everyone must have sworn, not once but a thousand times, when we feel lost which side of the USB hub to connect to our computing device. Even if we connect one every day, the chances of confusion are still high. But, leave all the fretting behind as here to leave you smiling is the all new Buffalo USB Hub by Buffalo Kokuyo Supply Inc.

USB hub

The newly released hub will come tagged with the charm of using it both upwards and downwards. This trait makes it stand out and will give a user the flexibility to connect it facing either way. Buffalo USB Hub claims to be the first of its kind and will be released till the end of this month. The rectangular device will be made available in four colors: black, white, pink and blue.

Buffalo USB Hub has a width, depth and height of 93, 38.5 and 14 mm, respectively. The USB bus-powered hub with a power supply of up to 400mA is light in weight and weighs just 40 gm. With a cable length of 90 mm, it is comfortable to use and lends extra flexibility. The USB hub works exactly like similar USB 2.0 hubs, delivering both power and data. The best part being, it is compatible with Mac OSX 10.2, Window XP, Vista and 7.

Buffalo USB Hub will encourage many others to come up with similar devices. It comes stashed with a price tag of $23, with a promise to kill all irritations that come for free with everyday USB hubs.

Via: Rocketnews24

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