Bubble Speaker provides a modernistic approach towards exemplifying the music

The bubblistic sound of the multifunctional Bubble Speakers is just superb. The design is just so interesting you would just not want to take your eyes away from this unique prototype. The idea incorporates a very ideal situation set of speakers which come in handy when you need them the most, in the outdoors.

Bubble Speaker

Enjoy playing sound from these genuinely crafted multifunctional speakers, all thanks to the way they have been put together with each other. Guaranteed to pique the interest of the listeners, the bubble speakers allow you to connect your phone via the Bluetooth feature included in the speakers. This is not all, for they are user friendly and come co joined together, letting you accommodate them in the smallest of enclosures.

The round devices have been fixed with an on off button, and run primarily on a set of AAA batteries. Further, as soon as the batteries run out of power, they change colors, indicating their diminishing power. An ideal contraption for those who wish to connect their mobile devices and listening to music on the go. All you need to do is switch on the Bluetooth in your phone, blare the music and place the device near these neat speakers. The end result is the music will start blaring through the magnetic set of modernistic speakers.

As of now, the whole concept is yet to roll off the production table. But one thing is assured, as soon as it does, there will be a multitude of takers, all queuing to lay their hands on this fabulous creation.

Via: Ash-ID

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