Bring your presentations to life with the Telegenesis Multimedia Video Projector

Designer Paul O’Keeffe has come up with the Telegenesis Multimedia Video Projector that promises to make presentations all the more powerful and clear. The projector will bow down to all demands that may crop up in boardrooms, lecture halls and conference halls by delivering a power packed performance.

Multimedia Video Projector

The interface of Telegenesis will give complete access to Micro SD storage drive and also features a built in storage. It also comes wedged with controls that will give access to a menu key, power button plus direction pad and entry key. Apart from this, it will also give access to power and HDMI cables via the removable panel placed on the foot, which is optional though. The multimedia projector can be placed on a table or any flat surface and can also be mounted on the ceiling.

Telegenesis Multimedia Video Projector comprises of a fan assembly that makes good use of a combination of passive and active cooling with it along with an aluminum hosting. Multi directional positioning and various configurations of the head are made possible because of the assembly of the ball and socket joint with the stretchable rubber neck. The foot is kept fixed in a place throughout the positioning of the video projector. It features an easy setup that will become an integral part of your office.

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