Bring a traffic light in your living room!


Give your living room a boost of sophistication with a special lamp that resembles a traffic light. Although still in concept form, this beautiful lamp is certain to draw appreciative glances from your guests and helps you make a distinctive style-statement in interior decoration.

This lamp is created by recycling old roadside lamps. One of the best features of this unique lamp is that, old traffic lights ( that are currently being replaced en masse in the drive towards greener, more energy-efficient LEDs) have been used in making up this innovative product. The use of recycled lamps automatically ensures greater energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness of this product.

The concept of using the old recycled lamps (instead of dispensing with them totally) to make a new one for the living room ensures that these lamps retain some extremely useful features even at the end of their life-cycle.

This beautiful and elegant living-room lamp can be viewed at Greenlight Concepts ( via Sustainable Style). Extremely beautiful and stylish,apart from being eco-friendly, this lamp would surely add elegance and style to your living-room. Get yourself one of these lamps, and witness a traffic light…in your living-room too!


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