Brimstone Quadracycle: World’s first hot rod quad

quadracycle 01

Luxury or elegance of a vehicle may attract many a passerby, but power is the real virtue that surpasses all other assets on the road. Displaying the worth of power, the “Quadracycle” from Brimstone Cycles is a hybrid vehicle that combines the features of a four-wheeled quad, a motorcycle and a drag car to scorch the road with a power ride. Powered by a 455 cubic inch aluminum Dart V8 engine capable of generating 750 horsepower, the Quadracycle can reach from zero to 120 in just six seconds. When equipped with a hitch, the hot rod can easily tow a small boat. Moreover, the hybrid vehicle touts an impressive mileage of 30 mpg to bring it to the category of fuel efficient vehicles. Claimed to the world’s first hot rod quad, the Quadracycle presents a unique combination of power and fuel efficiency.

quadracycle 02
quadracycle 03
quadracycle 04

Via: Brimstone Cycles/Autoblog

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