A brilliantly designed chair that can be folded completely flat

Folding chairs come with this embedded space saving trait. Giving this characteristic an all new meaning is Leo Salom with a folding chair that gets as flat as a cardboard when it is not in use. The awesome design comprises of three wooden parts that have been fashioned out of bamboo plywood. Bamboo is renewable in nature and does not harm the environment in any way, making it an ideal material to make furniture items.

Folding Chair

Each piece of the geometric shaped chair folds back into its original position, which comes clubbed with carefully cut lines. The front leg of the creatively designed chair comes integrated with the back rest, while unfolding from the seat will be the back leg of the design. All the wooden parts of the handsome chair are well connected with the help of three hinges. These hinges also allow the parts to take shape of a chair and fold it flat without much trouble. Apart from this, all these parts will be held tightly in place because of the presence of eight rare earth magnets.

Adding further comfort to the whimsical design will be the usage of wool felt pads that are a quarter inch thick. These will be placed on the back rest and the seat, making sure that the tasteful and portable chair lets a user relax without the hard surface of the bamboo plywood playing as a dampener. Overall, the design is very pleasant and the chair will be perfect to carry when going out for a picnic or simply sitting in the garden area of your sweet abode.

Via: Mocoloco

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