Bright Beads Pendant Lights will certainly brighten up your space

When a set of pendant lights is named Bright Beads, you immediate begin to picture something that you might find at a flea market in a tribal region of a foreign country. You image a set of lights that is strewn with mesmerizing beads that are so colorful that they can even make an all white/all black interior look flushed full of all colors of the spring itself. However, the Bright Beads Pendant Lights from Sydney-based design studio Marz Designs is nothing like the kaleidoscopically colored image in your head. Instead, it simply is a set of lights that uses basic timber beads crafted in a fashion that will make your space look very sophisticated indeed.


The core range of the Bright Beads Pendant Lights are offered in clusters that can serve a multi layered chandelier though the lights can also be hung as single drop pendant lights in more minimalist decors. The six pendant configurations offered in the entire range include Alice, Africa, Aleenta, Art, Abacus and Aztec though the names are provided purely for naming purposes and actually do not indicate artistic influences.

The lights are designed keeping in minds the needs of homeowners as well as folks living in leased, rented apartments. Thus, all the lights are designed to facilitate both professional installations as well as simply “hook in the ceiling: hanging. The Bright Beads Pendant Lights were developed by the design studio in collaboration with the design showcasing business How We Create and were debuted in 2012 at the Saturday Indesign event.

The event was basically used to help bring the buyer to a closer understanding of how the designer and manufacturer work together and Marz Designs even crafted the timber beads used in the lighting using a lathe on the same day to allow people to understand the process of their manufacturing.

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